Ten things your digital marketing plan needs to be a success

A new year begins and everything must be ready for the launch towards the success of your strategy. Is yours? You still have time to plan and implement the digital marketing plan that takes you towards the goal.

At Increnta we have extensive experience creating strategies tailored to our clients and today, we want to share with you the keys and the best solutions for your digital strategy.

What does your digital marketing plan need to succeed?

1.- An analysis of the current situation

According to stuartkerrs, digital marketing consultant services, the first step in creating a digital marketing plan is thoroughly analyze the market in which your business operates. This way you will obtain a more objective vision of the state of your brand and its position with respect to the competition.

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In this sense, in addition to discovering the context (social, political and economic situation), knowing your competitors is essential to be able to differentiate yourself from them.

2.- An exhaustive internal audit

In order to better understand the reality we are entering, it is vital to expand the (external) situation analysis with information about the company itself. Therefore, it is highly recommended to create a SWOT as a point of reference, in which you collect the main weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities of your brand.

While, threats and opportunities they are detected based on the market information that you have after the previous analysis; weaknesses and opportunities They give you the keys on which points of the organization should be improved and which should be strengthened to have the desired success.

Obviously, being a digital marketing plan, the online scene is especially important and, in order to be able to draw the necessary conclusions, asking yourself some questions will be of great help. Here are some key questions:

  • Do we offer the most satisfactory user experience possible?
  • Are we carrying out our strategy through the most effective channels?
  • Do we measure results and optimize the online strategy periodically?

3.- Definition of Buyer Person

We have repeatedly told you about the importance of knowing the buyer person you are targeting. Don’t you think it’s essential to know what their needs and motivations are? How else are you going to be able to focus your digital marketing plan? This semi-fictional representation of your ideal potential client is at the heart of any successful strategy.

4.- SMART goal setting

Establishing a series of SMART objectives (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and limited in time) is essential to be able to plan the path to follow with your actions.

These goals have no life of their own, that is, must be aligned with business objectives such as: increase income by 20% in 6 months. However, in the case of a Digital Marketing Plan, the focus must be on the online channel.

5.- Establishment of KPIs

Once you determine your objectives, it is essential that you establish the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator) with which you can assess the degree of obtaining them.

These indicators are key to being able to analyze the metrics that really tell you if you are on the right track or if you should take a detour in time.

6.- The strategy and its tactics

The strategy is the set of tactics aimed at achieving the objectives set. in your Digital Marketing Plan. Each one of the tactics has to be linked to a specific objective and be developed over time and with established tools before going out into the ring.

7.- An optimal choice of channels

The tactics and the actions that compose them will be carried out through certain digital channels. Which? Those that are more effective to hit the target… And those cannot be other than those who use your buyer person. With marketing automation solutions like bid management software you can figure out which digital channel is best for reaching your target audience.

8.- The infallible action plan

Once all of the above is clear, you have to take action!

You can propose specific actions for each tactic and execute them through the necessary channels (web, blog, social networks, newsletter, etc.) to succeed online and beyond. Continuing with the previous example, within a Digital Marketing Plan of a brand focused on a young and casual audience, it could be to carry out a campaign with influencers through Tik Tok to gain visibility and followers. In that case, the specific action could be to launch a powerful challenge in order to make it go viral.

Either way, don’t forget it! Scheduling all actions is a must.

9.- The budget

That profitability is essential in any good Digital Marketing Plan is no secret. Undoubtedly, ROI is king of the game. It is important to create a roadmap with each of the actions broken down detailing their cost.

Sometimes we cannot know a price in advance because it is not a closed budget with a supplier, in this case, we can pull estimates. It can also be very interesting, especially in the first launches of online strategies, mark different scenarios with tactics, actions, budgets and results according to whether you are optimistic, neutral or pessimistic.

10.- A good measurement and analysis

Once the plan is implemented, measuring and analyzing the results obtained is vital. Surely you have heard this phrase thousands of times: “What is not measured cannot be improved”. It may even sound cliché to you, but it is as necessary and real as life itself.

And you, do you launch to create your digital marketing plan?

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