Tencent would like to buy Black Shark from Xiaomi to get into the metaverse

The Chinese giant Tencent could make a major acquisition: Black Shark. The idea would be to integrate the company specializing in mobile gaming within its ecosystem in order to orient itself fully in the direction of the metaverse. For the moment, the case is far from being recorded.

Xiaomi black shark 4s pro
The Black Shark 4

Tencent could do well by buying Black Shark, company specializing in mobile gaming. It is the Chinese site 36kr which affirms it, evoking a number of sources close to the file all going in the same direction.

The goal of Tencent, of which video games is part of its activities, would be to strengthen this branch but also to acquire strong tools to get started in the metaverse. A profound transformation of Black Shark would therefore be inevitable if that happens.

Tencent could fully launch into the metaverse thanks to Black Shark

Black Shark is a company created in 2017 and financed by Xiaomi, which today holds 46.4% of the capital. Tencent could therefore steal the company from one of its competitors. The Chinese site mentions a value of 3 billion Yuan for Black Shark, or 415 million euros.

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For the moment, it is only a rumor released by a specialized site and Tencent declined to comment on the matter. (which seems logical). However, such an operation could change the industry, given that the tech giant would then have all the weapons in hand to enter a sector very fashionable at the moment: the metaverse.

The metaverse, which relies on virtual reality and the reconstruction of environments in 3D, could become one of the challenges of the next decade. Facebook is fully launched, even renaming itself Meta for the occasion. With Black Shark, Tencent could develop its own service. We know that the conglomerate wants it, given that a number of patents relating to the metaverse were filed in the second half of the year 2021.

As a reminder, Black Shark develops phones dedicated to gamers, a very juicy market in the Middle Kingdom. In France, we had the right to some interesting models. The brand’s latest smartphone is the Black Shark 4 which, like the others, tries to combine performance and affordability.

Source: Pandaily

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