TerraCycle bets on more than nine million recycling products in Spain

The company specializing in the treatment of waste that is difficult to recycle, TerraCycle has opted for put waste to use in Spain. Specifically, to more than 9.4 million products.

Only in 2021 has collected more than 20,000 kilos of rejected waste to give them a second life. Writing materials, razors, coffee pods, oral hygiene products and printer cartridges and toners are some of the waste that TerraCycle collects to prevent it from ending up in landfill and transform it into new products.

TerraCycle operates in 21 countries around the world and in 2021 collected more than 1.6 million kilos of waste. Spain is a strategic country for the company, and in 2022 it plans to expand its presence in the country by 25% through the promotion of new recycling programs.

Recycle collaboratively and in community

Only 35% of municipal waste in Spain is sent for recycling, compared to an average of 48% in the rest of Europe, according to data from Eurostad 2019. Every year, around 11% of municipal waste is destined for the recovery of energy through incineration and 54% is sent to landfill.

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According to Terracycle, 80% of the products that end up in the landfill could be transformed into useful material. Most of it is technically recyclable waste but requires a more complex and expensive treatment, so its treatment is not profitable for local administrations.

To combat this situation, TerraCycle partners with brands to offer free recycling programs waste considered non-recyclable and convert it into new products. These programs require the collaboration of companies and entities that become waste collection points. In this way, schools, shops and associations, among others, offer spaces where Spaniards can deposit their used products to be recycled. Currently, TerraCycle has 369 collection points distributed throughout Spain.

In 2021 TerraCycle promoted six free recycling programs in Spain. The one promoted with BIC stands out to recycle writing materials such as pens, markers or fluorescents. More than 5 million pieces of waste have been collected in Spain to turn them into chairs and benches for parks. TerraCycle also proposes that Spaniards recycle rechargeable and disposable razors of any brand for the first time to turn them into soap dishes or other bathroom products.

Ana Almeida, communication director of TerraCycle: «The TerraCycle model confirms that recycling is a commitment and a collaborative commitment and that it involves brands, companies, entities and citizens. We are excited to continue changing the way consumers perceive waste and I believe that the open mindset of consumers in Spain will ensure that our programs continue to be well received and highly successful.”

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