Terrible: changing the rules of Tetris can be terrible or cool

Terrible Tetris

As if from the series What would happen if …? Marvel, Tetrible is a version of Tetris where the rules of the game change based on the questions that, perhaps, some players asked themselves at a given moment. And if not, at least it is the proposal that this developer created and it is going viral.

Lets start by the beginning. Henri is a developer who, as he has recounted, had been playing Tetris 99 for about a year. And of course, that had led him to try to create his own Tetris clone. Something common when he plays a lot to a title. However, his intention was not to make another clone, he wanted to contribute something different, perhaps even terribly bad.

With that idea, that of being terrible, is how I was born Tetrible (Tetris + Terrible). But what does Tetrible really consist of? Well, in modifying the rules of the game with those questions, sometimes a bit absurd, that you can ask yourself when you play: pieces that are repeated? Longer than normal? Smaller in size?

Well, Henri started creating these somewhat different versions and very particular to Tetris and to share them with other users. Some would surely put their hands to their heads and others would be amazed to see something different in a game that since its inception has remained practically the same. In some versions the pieces were 3D and in others you had to play to the rhythm of the music, but the basic mechanics were always the same.

After the success of those first versions, many others began to arrive. Currently there are more than a dozen and if you are a fan of Tetris it is not only something you should know, but also try. Because the good thing is that each and every one of these variants of the original Tetris game can be played online.

How to play Tetrible

If the idea of test the different variants that make up Tetrible, all you have to do is access the Tetrible website through a web browser. Once in it, you will see a viewer that, thanks to Unity, allows you to run the game.

From here little to tell, because there is really no mystery. Graphically it is very simple, but it is that Tetris in itself already is. The only thing you have to know are the keys to control the falling of the pieces, which are indicated just on the left side, and that with the M key you can switch between the different versions of this crazy proposal that modifies the rules of the classic video game .

In addition, a new version will be added every Tuesday, so for now you can play the classic version, endless and zero gravity. But if you want to see others, you can browse Henri’s Twitter profile. For example, the one you see above has sticky walls that the pieces stick to if you get close. So you have to be careful.

By the way, it would be great if now that kind of strange and even crazy questions were applied to other classic games like Pac Man.

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