Terrified mom finds the creepy cause that woke her baby up every morning

A mother was horrified by learning why your 15-month-old woke up every morning around 2:00 a.m. because “A deep male voice” called him from a baby surveillance camera installed in your room.

Shannon richardson 22-year-old and her partner Jack gray They claimed that their son Freddie woke up at the same time every day and refused to go back to sleep in his room in Banbury, Oxfordshire in the UK.

One day the couple decided to stay up to find out what was causing their baby to wake up. When it struck 2:00 a.m., Freddie’s parents who watched television were terrified to hear the voice of a man speaking to the baby “Baby … slime”, was what a male voice said clearly, described the couple quoted in The Sun.

Shannon and Jack quickly went to their son’s room thinking that someone had entered their home by the clarity of a man’s voice being heard, but they found that the voice of man came out of the video surveillance camera installed.

At that moment, Jack saw how the camera pointed towards where he was so he did not hesitate to tear it off the wall to disconnect it. “The discomfort, the discomfort and the disgust we feel is terrible. How long has this creep been staring at Freddie’s room? “Asked Shannon.

Baby Freddie was finally able to fall asleep

The event left the family terrified as they thought that someone had been spying on them and even speculated that there was someone inside their house who was trying to hunt them down.

Shannon and Jack have no recollection of when the incident started; however, at remove the camcorder, Freddie was able to fall asleep and at the moment he has not woken up at 2:00 as he did for a long time.

Despite having removed the camera from Freddie’s room, his mother sleeps him with them in her bed and for a while she stayed at her mother’s house because of the fear she still feels. “Baby monitors are supposed to be a safe thing to watch over your baby. You would never think that someone else would be watching them. ”


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