Terror comes to your PC, wallpapers for Halloween 2021

Halloween has always been one of the most typical holidays in the United States. But for a few years it has already been exported considerably to other European countries, including Spain. If we are a lover of terror, pumpkins and skeletons, nothing better than to give a touch of personalization to the wallpaper of our computer with some themes and backgrounds with which to customize Windows for this celebration.

Microsoft allows us to customize our operating system to our liking with various options and functionalities, so that we can always have a design that we can change each time we need. One of the most used forms of customization is to change the wallpaper on our desktop, which are still images that we use to decorate this element, as well as the themes. With these wallpapers for Halloween we can give a touch of atmosphere to our PC.

Setting an image as wallpaper in Windows is as simple as clicking on it with the right button of our mouse and in the context menu select “Set as desktop background”. If we want to install a theme we can do it from the Windows Configuration section which we access by pressing “Windows + I”. From here, click on Personalization and Themes, where we can choose the one that we have downloaded.

Wallpapers for Halloween 2021

We are about to celebrate this long-awaited day of terror and for this, nothing better than to give a touch of terror to our desktop by personalizing it with some of the following wallpapers.

One of the essential elements for a Halloween horror night are pumpkins, so we can decorate our desktop background with this horror image that mixes pumpkins and bats. We can download it for free in different resolutions from HD to 8K.

Halloween Pumpkins

If in addition to Halloween we are fans of one of the most popular video games such as Fornite, this wallpaper is for us. We can see the different characters of this popular game with a dark theme. We can download it up to 8K resolution from this link to the web.

Fornite background for Halloween

If the computer is used by smallest of the house, we can choose this nice background. In it, we can see a girl sitting with a Halloween book near a pumpkin. For sure it will be to the liking of children, giving a touch more away to the terror that surrounds this day. We can download it in different resolutions by clicking on this link to its official website.

Girl reading on Halloween day

The scariest topics

If we prefer, we can also decorate our computer with themes related to Halloween. With them, we not only change the desktop wallpaper with a still image, but with different images that will follow each other.

This theme features pumpkins that appear to be lit orange inside so they look both scary and attractive at the same time, which can perfectly look on our screen. We can download this theme for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 from the developer’s website.

Illuminated pumpkin

If we don’t think of Halloween as something scary, we can go for this theme a lot more cheerful. It has cartoon backgrounds that will evade us from the terror that is always associated with this party and that will surely give a decorative look to our desktop. If we want to download this for free, we can do it from this link to its website.

Pumpkin and witch hat sketch

This topic that we bring you next certainly looks spectacular. It has incredible designs and black backgrounds that give a scary picture, so it would look perfectly on our computer showing off its excellent colors. Ideal to give a spectacular touch of gloomy touch to our desktop. If we want this theme, we can download it for free from this link to the website.

Scarecrow on Halloween

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