Tesla builds the “5th most powerful supercomputer in the world”

Tesla is as much a car maker as it is a maker of supercomputers. To improve the intelligence of its cars, the company has just built a supercomputer with colossal means, which would rise directly to 5th in the world in terms of gross power.

Tesla continues to put the package on autonomous driving. The automaker has just given the most tangible proof of this by unveiling its brand new supercomputer dedicated to improving the Autopilot.

Taking advantage of the CVPR (a conference dedicated to computer vision and pattern recognition), the director of AI at Tesla Andrej karpathy unveiled, in a video of June 20, 2021, the latest little gem from Tesla: a machine composed of 5,760 graphics cards, 10 petabytes of storage and capable of working on monstrous volumes of data.

The “5th most powerful supercomputer” in terms of FLOPS

According to the head of Tesla, this would make it the 5th most powerful supercomputer in the world in terms of the number of pure calculations per second. ” Computer Aided Vision is the lifeblood of everything we do at Tesla “, has explained Andrej Karpathy to justify this investment. Remember that Tesla has been promising 100% autonomous driving for years without having seen any very concrete evidence.

The technical characteristics of the Tesla supercomputer // Source: CVPR 2021

But for Andrej Karpathy, this new supercomputer should accelerate the movement. In all, the Tesla vehicle fleet is bringing up 1.5 petabytes (or 1.5 million gigabytes) of data supposed to improve autonomous driving algorithms.

This gigantic amount of data must therefore be analyzed and dissected by solid neural networks which will be able to comfortably analyze and dissect all the situations encountered by Tesla vehicles.

Next step: Dojo Project

As impressive as the machine presented by Tesla is, it is really just a first step towards an even more ambitious project called “Project Dojo”.

Officially announced in 2019, this program aims to build a computer capable of performing one billion billion floating point operations per second, or 1018 flops (the unit of measurement used to qualify the power of these supercomputers.) To give an idea of ​​Tesla’s ambition, in 2020, the most powerful supercomputer in the world was at 415.5 petaflops (or 415 million billion calculations per second). The Dojo Project therefore promises to be one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world.

Tesla is therefore making leaps and bounds in the sector and even uses chips and neural networks developed by the company to optimize its system. There is talk of seeing the Dojo project materialize in 2021, but nothing has yet been confirmed. In the meantime, Tesla can be happy to already have one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world.

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