Tesla: electric car drivers face more and more road violence

US Tesla owners say they are being attacked more and more. They are criticized for not being true patriots and for promoting green energy in a country that has built its fortune on black gold.

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In his actions as by his words, Elon Musk is controversial. the richest man in the world built his empire on bold decisions and shocking statements. This communication strategy has been crowned with success so far, but it seems that the tide is starting to turn: some potential customers are turning away from Tesla because of its sulphurous CEO.

Elon Musk has yet to make Tesla a repulsive brand; the 1.5 million Cybertruck pre-orders attest to this. Yet his unpredictable personality irritates more and more people. It could cause Tesla to lose many customers. In the United States in particular, Me Musk crystallizes the division between an ultra-conservative electorate of which he became the hero, and the progressive peoplechampion of the energy transition, and therefore of electric cars.

Elon Musk is the darling of ultra-conservatives and Teslas are the symbol of wokism

In a tweet posted over the weekend, actress Alyssa Milano claims she returned her Tesla to buy a Volkswagen. She made this exchange to protest against the takeover of Twitter by the South African mogul. If the actress has not launched an anti-Tesla movement, her gesture illustrates the Kafkaesque situation in which the owners of Tesla find themselves. On the one hand, these cars are at the cutting edge of modernity and help preserve the environment, and on the other, the CEO of the company has questionable words and ideas. He notably supported Donald Trump and reinstated his Twitter account,

More and more American motorists are testifying to the road violence they are subjected to just because they are driving an electric car. The attackers, mostly identified as ultra-right Republicans, hate electric car drivers. Not because they drive a Tesla, but because electrics symbolize the Democratic enemy who supports green energy and supposedly wants an end to the oil industry.

Source : The Guardian

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