Tesla: Elon Musk congratulates his employees after firing thousands

This Sunday, June 12, Elon Musk sent an email to all Tesla employees to thank them for their work and to let them know of the immense respect he has for them. A rather inappropriate declaration of love, when the billionaire asked in early June for the dismissal of thousands of employees because of a bad feeling.

Elon Musk statement love employees
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Elon Musk has this ability to turn the page very quickly visibly. Indeed, on June 12, 2022, the billionaire and owner of Twitter sent an email to all Tesla employees. In this email, he shares his love and respect for his employees.

We build awesome products that people love and that make their lives and the world better. It’s so deep! It is an honest daily work that you can feel in your heart. Whatever happens in this broken world, know that at least what you are doing is pure goodness and I have infinitely more respect and admiration for you than the wealthiest people on Wall Street” , said the SpaceX boss.

It’s not the first time thatElon Musk sings the praises of these employees. He did it several times in many tweets, especially when publishing Tesla’s excellent quarterly financial results. Nevertheless, this declaration of love seems a little hasty, not to say totally out of place in view of recent events.

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Elon Musk statement love employees
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The declaration of love after the layoffs, the Elon Musk style

Indeed, on June 1, Elon Musk began by banning teleworking for Tesla employees. The CEO considers that working from home is detrimental to the proper functioning of a company, and that it also allows employees to be less productive. In addition, the billionaire took advantage of this declaration to announce the establishment of a new work organization, now fixed at 40 hours per week.

A few days later, Elon Musk outbid with sad news. He wants to lay off thousands of employees, due to a “bad feeling” on the US and global economy. More precisely, 10% of Tesla employees will be laid off. That doesn’t include the tens of thousands of subcontractors that work with the auto giant.

In the aftermath, hiring at Tesla has been suspended around the world, while some executives were asked to take the door. This is particularly the case of Christopher Bousigues, country manager of Tesla Singapore. Regarding these massive layoffs, we learned on Wednesday that they have already started. In effect, several Tesla employees recently updated their LinkedIn page to announce that they had been forced out of the company.

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