Tesla: Elon Musk denies working on a $25,000 car

Could Tesla one day release a new 100% electric vehicle sold for $25,000? If the idea is attractive, it is however not topical. It is Elon Musk himself who confirms it: an affordable Tesla is not in his plans.

Tesla makes high-end, and therefore expensive, 100% electric sedans. The most affordable, the Tesla Model 3, is marketed at more than 40,000 euros (excluding bonuses). Could the brand sell a much less expensive vehicle? Not according to Elon Musk.

Rumors around a possible Model 2 have made their way on the net. Would Tesla decide to extend its offer to smaller budgets? We are talking here about a vehicle sold new at 25,000 euros, which is quite correct for a sedan. Musk put an end to all those hallway noises.

Tesla isn’t working on a $25,000 vehicle

It was during a meeting between investors that the CEO spoke on the subject. He did not beat around the bush, defusing all the hopes of his shareholders:

“We’re not currently working on a $25,000 car. We already have too much to do”.

It is clear, clean and precise. Do not expect Tesla to interfere in the market for more affordable vehicles. However, it will necessarily cut it one day.

100% electric vehicles will indeed become the norm. A long transition which should be completed by the middle of the century, pushed by both manufacturers and governments. But this transition must also not leave part of the population on the sidelines: not everyone has the means (or the desire) to spend 40,000 euros on a car.

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Tesla is currently not interested, and for good reason: the brand suffered the full brunt of the shortage of semiconductors. This was also the main subject of this meeting of investors. It was unable to release a new model in 2021 and the same should be the case in 2022. The objective is therefore to honor the orders already placed as well as to produce more existing models rather than designing new ones. .

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