Tesla emulates Apple and throws something as impractical as cloth

Apple launched a cleaning cloth for its devices for the low price of 25 dollars. We all immediately put our hands on our heads thinking who was going to buy that. Turns out there is a long wait to get hold of one of them. Everyone spends their money on what they want and I will not be the one to judge. That’s what Elon Musk must have thought and has launched something as eccentric as Apple, but more expensive. The point is, it’s out of stock.

When Apple released a slightly special device, a cleaning cloth, at the price of $ 25, many users, including myself, thought it was eccentric and reckless. But hey, it was Apple. However, it has sold very well and there is a long waiting list to receive the product at home. I still think it’s an eccentricity but wish then it has taken over the market and is doing business.

Elon Musk must have thought that, although he also laughs at Apple’s ideas, he follows his example. It is a story that repeats itself with almost everything. If Apple launches a device but without a charger, everyone complains and then does the same, because they see that in the end their products are sold and that users go through the hoop. The same with the cloth. Nothing else has occurred to good old Elon Musk from throw a polished, medical-grade steel whistle that costs $ 50. In honor of the cybertruck he has named it cyberwhistle. But the fact is that it has been sold out and if you want one, you will have to wait.

By the way, You can see it on the Twitter of the CEO of Tesla. That even so, he continues to mock Apple’s cloth and what he has done is reopen a door that was closed for many companies.

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