Tesla ends free lifetime GPS features

Tesla is currently looking to save money, and this also involves removing certain services, to the detriment of users. Indeed, the standard connectivity service, which notably allows you to take advantage of GPS functions, was offered to all Tesla customers for life. It is not the case anymore.

tesla dropping standard connectivity
Credits: Tesla

Despite its excellent financial results in the first quarter of 2022, Tesla today needs to save money. To do this, the brand has taken several strong measures, starting with the sale of almost all of its assets in Bitcoin. This allowed him to recover no less than $936 million.

The cost reduction so desired by Tesla also materialized in the elimination of the famous key fobs delivered with the new Model X and Model S while in April 2022, the manufacturer withdrew the mobile charger traditionally offered with its cars.

Ended the free lifetime of the “standard connection” at Tesla

As you will have understood, there are no small savings, even with the world leader in electric cars. And precisely, we have just learned that the Californian manufacturer has decided to abandon the free lifetime of the “standard connection” of its electric cars.

In case you didn’t know, Tesla offers new buyers two types of connectivity options when buying a car. The standard formula, free until then, allows you to take advantage of basic GPS functions (mapping and navigation) as well as access to music and multimedia content via Bluetooth.

As for the Premium version, it also includes access to an internet browser, Netflix, real-time traffic and satellite view maps, in exchange a subscription billed at €9.99 per month. As you can imagine, the vast majority of drivers are content with the standard formula, which is more than enough.

Towards a multiplication of paid options?

Henceforth therefore, the standard connection will no longer be offered for life. In fact, it will become paid off after 8 years. Note that if you buy a used Tesla, you will be informed of the duration during which your vehicle will benefit from access to the standard connection.

According to the manufacturer’s details, all Tesla vehicles ordered on or before July 20, 2022 will receive free standard connection for life. Regarding second-hand models, those purchased between January 16, 2020 and July 20, 2022 will also be able to enjoy the standard connection throughout the life of the vehicle.

To come back to the 8 years announced by Tesla, it is certainly a rather long period, but which says a lot about the economic strategy of the manufacturer who no longer hesitates to cut corners on the various advantages offered to its customers. Above all, this decision goes against the philosophy of Tesla, which until then distinguished itself from its competitors by integrating many additional features into the purchase of a vehicle.

As a reminder, more and more manufacturers have adopted this strategy, like BMW, which launched a paid subscription at €18/month for heated seats. Will Tesla take this route? Everything seems to indicate it.

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