Tesla further increases the price of its Autopilot, + 33% in 6 months

Tesla offers a semi-autonomous driving system. An option, which made the DNA of the brand, but which is starting to cost a lot.

There are announcements by Elon Musk that we could do without. The controversial boss of Tesla and SpaceX is used to social networks, especially Twitter, which does most of his communication (SpaceX has no press relations team today). It is therefore on his favorite application that the native businessman from Pretoria made his announcement.

The latter concerns the famous “FSD” of Tesla, the Full Self Drive, a set of control systems and software which must allow the car to be completely autonomous. 6 months ago, to benefit from such an application cost an additional $ 8,000 to the future buyer of a Tesla car. A price that some may deem high, but which was a real bargain compared to today.

In fact, in his tweet, the boss of Tesla announced that the FSD pack was going to be sold for $ 12,000 as of January 17. An announcement that caused a lot of reaction on the web. In order to calm the criticisms from all sides, Musk has, as often, defended his company and this decision himself. He explained in particular that this price was temporary and that the more popular the option, the more the price will rise.

A price that will not stop rising

This solution is today what makes all the difference between a Tesla and another electric car. The FSD pack now makes it possible to take advantage of Autopilot, automatic lane change or even parking assistance and Smart Summon, a feature that allows you to automatically run your car for a few meters without anyone on board.

Very impressive, this solution is also very popular with Tesla buyers who see the autopilot as the beginnings of fully autonomous driving. If in fact Tesla is still far from it, this driving without human assistance remains the objective of the brand and the latter wants to give itself the financial means to achieve this.

Tesla’s ‘plus’ starts to cost gold

For this, it increases the price of FSD. But that’s not all. Indeed, when a Tesla buyer offers himself the FSD pack, he also pays a subscription of 200 dollars per month to benefit from the latest updates of the car and the arrival of new features in the future. A subscription whose price could also rise in the coming months, or years, according to the statements of the boss of Tesla, Elon Musk.

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