Tesla further raises the price of its autonomous driving

Through Elon Musk, Tesla announces a further price increase for its Fully Autonomous Driving Capability, its most premium option in terms of automated driving, more efficient than Autopilot.

It is, as so often, through a terse tweet that Elon Musk announced the news. Tesla customers who wish to take out the FSD (Full self driving) option for their vehicle would do well to hurry, the cost of this will drop from 10,000 to $ 12,000 in the United States from January 17, 2022.

Fully autonomous driving ability: Tesla applies a price hike

For the moment, Tesla has not communicated a price increase for this option in France, which remains offered to 7500 euros. But we can expect this price to evolve in the relatively near future.

For several months, the automaker has also offered across the Atlantic the possibility for drivers not to pay for this service all at once, but to take out a subscription at $ 199 per month to Tesla to benefit from this feature. Musk has also let it be known that this amount will also increase in the near future, as we get closer to the official release of the Fully Autonomous Driving Capability, which is still in beta today.

Full self driving entered the test phase in October 2020 with a limited volume of users. It brings much more advanced autonomous driving features than Autopilot, whether in its basic or improved version. Originally, it was marketed at a price of 8,000 dollars, before rapidly increasing to 10,000 dollars, then to 12,000 dollars as of January 17 therefore.

Remember that despite its evocative name, Tesla’s Fully Autonomous Driving Capability does not offer 100% autonomous driving. In its support documentation, Tesla explains that using the FSD “requires active vigilance on the part of the driver and does not make the vehicle autonomous“. The manufacturer specifies that “Total range will depend on reliability proven by billions of kilometers of testing to be significantly superior to that of human drivers, as well as regulatory approvals, which may take longer to obtain in some countries“.

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