Tesla introduced a branded microphone for karaoke

Major automotive giant Tesla has started selling its newest accessory, namely a car karaoke microphone. This product was named very simply and uncomplicatedly, TeslaMic, and it is available, at least for now, only in China. The company decided to introduce this product amid the release of a Chinese New Year software update that adds a karaoke platform called Leishi KTV to cars, which is accessible through the car’s infotainment system.

And if we refer to the words of Tesla itself, then the aforementioned microphone is automatically connected to the infotainment system. The TeslaMic comes in quantities of two, so it might come in handy if you ever want to park somewhere while on a date and sing a few duets. The cost of this product is about 188 dollars. The company’s official Weibo post, which was duplicated on YouTube, shows us the TeslaMic and the karaoke system in action. And as Elektrek points out, by adopting the Leishi KTV interface and catalog, Tesla is building on the Karaoke feature introduced back in 2019, which had a more limited selection of tracks.

Either way, it is currently unknown if Tesla will sell the TeslaMic anywhere outside of China. And if this is the case, then you should not exclude the possibility that you can purchase it with Dogecoin. But again, this is not yet certain. Meanwhile, it should also be noted that the official Carpool Karaoke microphone has been on sale for some time, which you can connect to your car’s audio system. So your choice, fortunately, is not limited to purely Tesla products.

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