Tesla is in the red, Amazon unveils the price of the Nothing Phone 1, this is the recap ‘of the week

Elon Musk reveals that his company Tesla could go bankrupt, Amazon Germany reveals the price of the three different configurations of the Nothing Phone 1, Internet users unhappy with a bad joke from the publisher EA, this is the recap ‘of the week.

Fans of the cult Volkswagen combi from the 1950s will be disappointed to learn that the German manufacturer has finally abandoned production of the ID. buzz. While the prices of the iPhone 13 continue to fall in Japan, Amazon Germany has just lifted the veil on the price of Nothing’s first smartphone. EA has drawn the ire of the Twittersphere after a joke in bad taste while Elon Musk confessed that the company was at its worst during his meeting with members of the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley club. It’s time to take stock of the key news of recent days in the recap of the week.

The ID. Buzz has its launch canceled

While the production of the ID. Buzz started on June 2, 2022, Volkswagen has already announced that it has to put it on hold. The German manufacturer explained that it had problems with the batteries, victims of recurring voltage drops affecting the vehicle’s autonomy. Volkswagen has not yet mentioned a resumption of production of the electric combi.

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Credits: Volkswagen

The yen is collapsing and so is the price of the iPhone 13

As the yen plummets in Japan, the price of the iPhone 13 drops $200, prompting tourists to flock to Apple Stores to take advantage of the lower price. The Apple smartphone, available in France from 909 euros, is sold for 690 euros in the Japanese archipelago. To limit excessive purchases by tourists, Apple has canceled the tax rebate allowing foreign buyers to benefit from tax advantages when purchasing from Japanese Apple Stores.

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Credits: Unsplash

Elon Musk admits that Tesla is at its worst

During a meeting with members of the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley club, Elon Musk confessed that ” The last two years have been an absolute nightmare of supply chain disruptions“. The CEO explained that the consequent fall in profits could lead the company to bankruptcy and that to avoid this, it was essential to reduce expenses.

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Credit: Unsplash

EA annoys players again

EA has created a new controversy with a bad joke shared on Twitter. The editor thought it funny to post “It’s a 10, but he/she only plays single player games”, implying that multiplayer games are the only ones worth it. It was enough to raise the anger of the twittosphere. The gaming community quickly retaliated by reminding EA of the many failures of its own multiplayer games.

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The price of the Nothing Phone 1 revealed by Amazon

As the official launch of the Nothing Phone 1 approaches, Amazon Germany has unveiled the price of the three different configurations of the future transparent smartphone a little in advance. The starting price will therefore be set at 469.99 euros, for the model offering 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Nothing’s phone will launch next month and will be available in white or black.

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Credit: WinFuture

Our tests of the week

5/5 for the Huawei Matebook 16s

In addition to a high price and not always useful preinstalled software, the Matebook 16s is very convincing. This new 16-inch computer with a neat design has an excellent screen, a keyboard and a trackpad that are very pleasant to use and offers very good battery life. Huawei takes up the challenge of offering a Matebook that strikes the perfect balance between power, display quality and portability. What in particular to convince the professionals of the image… but not only!

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The Volkswagen ID. 5 GTX left us hungry…

Even though the ID. 5 GTX has a nice line and that we are well installed in it, this new 100% electric Volkswagen SUV does not offer great improvements compared to its predecessor, the ID.4. We particularly regret the ergonomic flaws. We recognize that version 3.0 of the software brings a real plus, but that does not justify the price increase, since the new vehicle of the German brand is now displayed at 59,000 euros.

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Satisfactory experience with the Motorola Edge 30

The Edge 30 is attractive thanks to its particularly thin design, its beautiful screen, its excellent interface and its price which has not increased compared to that of its predecessor, which is rare enough to raise. Only real downside, autonomy, far too low in daily use. If the new Motorola offers good photo results with its main sensor, its macro mode or its night mode, we regret the poor quality of the digital zoom photos and the abandonment of the microphone for video capture.

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