Tesla: Lasers will soon be able to disintegrate dirt from the windshield

Tesla is known for its ability to innovate and offer new features on its electric vehicles. The Californian brand proves it once again with this system using lasers to disintegrate the dirt present on a windshield. After Tesla filed a patent for the technology in 2019, the U.S. Patent Office agreed to put it into production.

Credits: Tesla

Tesla is particularly known and recognized for its ability to innovate and offer new features on its electric vehicles. It must be said that the brand does not lack ideas. Among the latest projects to date, we remember Tesla’s desire to offer Steam games in its cars, or the development of its own application store.

In September 2021, we learned that Tesla filed a patent application in 2019 for a brand new system that uses lasers to remove dirt from the windshield in particular. Entitled “Pulsed laser cleaning of debris accumulated on the glass elements of vehicles and photovoltaic panels”, this patent therefore details a vehicle window cleaning system which comprises three components:

  • an optical assembly that emits a laser beam to irradiate a region on the lens
  • a circuit that detects debris accumulated on this region
  • a control circuit
Tesla laser windshield
Credit: US Patent Office

Tesla wants to disintegrate dirt from the windshield with a laser

How would this system work? According to the notes in the patent, the debris detection system constantly scans the surface of the windshield for dirt or abnormalities. Then and after having analyzed the region on which it is necessary to act and on the type of material on which it is necessary to work (glass of a windshield, lens of one of the Tesla cameras, etc.), the parameters of the laser beam which will be emitted by the optical system are calibrated. The system then calculates the level of laser exposure on the materials. It then irradiates it to remove debris in the predetermined action area.

According to Tesla, this system will be automated, but the driver can trigger it manually if he wishes to clean a specific area of ​​the windshield or windows of his vehicle. Know now that nothing prevents Tesla from including this technology in its cars, the American Patent Office having given its agreement for the launch of production.

Source: Hibridosyelectricos

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