Tesla Model Y: a driver was threatened with a gun because of a honk, the camera filmed everything

A Tesla Model Y driver ran into a very angry motorist. After several insults, the man threatened him with a pistol. The electric car’s camera recorded the entire interaction. The assailant obviously did not appreciate the Model Y’s honking.

Wham Baam Dangercam, a YouTube channel that lists bizarre videos recorded by cameras built into Tesla cars, has just shared a stunning new footage. The video was submitted by a user named Zack, who drives a Tesla Model Y.

In the sequence visible at the end of the article, we see the Model Y crossing an intersection on a large avenue in Los Angeles, California. The motorist passes in front of a street, from which a Mercedes comes out. This is an older model, probably released in the 70s.

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Tesla Model Y camera shows driver brandishing gun

The driver of the Mercedes knowingly ran a red light, cutting the Model Y off. Surprised by the car’s arrival, Zack immediately honked before passing the vehicle. The maneuver was not appreciated by the other motorist.

For several hundred meters, the two vehicles drove side by side. Arrived at a red light, Zack realized that the driver of the Mercedes was talking to him. When he turned back to the individual, he noticed a gun pointed at him.

On the video recorded by the Tesla Model Y, we can clearly see the man pull out a gun and point it, smiling, at Zack. The firearm is quickly stored in the passenger compartment of the Mercedes, out of sight. The individual continued to exchange insults for a few seconds. As soon as the light turned green, Zack sped away from the Mercedes.

According to information from Wham Baam Dangercam, the owner of the Tesla Model Y has not not wanted to file a complaint with the police forces. The Internet user believes that it is impossible to find his attacker because the video does not show the license plate.

This is not the first time that Tesla car cameras have recorded a news item. At the end of 2020, a Tesla Model 3 filmed the attack on its owner near a charging station in Spain. Thanks to the video, the police were able to quickly arrest the attacker.

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