Tesla: Model Y dominates electric car sales right after launch

The Tesla Model Y dominates electric car sales, just months after its launch in September 2021 in France. According to the latest data from the JATO Dynamics research firm, Tesla’s SUV entered the TOP 3 best-selling electric cars in February 2022 and in Europe.

Credits: Tesla

As you probably know, Tesla remains the undisputed number one in the electric car market. In 2021, the American brand delivered no less than one million vehicles, an absolute record. And as evidenced by the latest figures from the research firm JATO Dynamics, the manufacturer intends to continue this momentum in 2022, and this despite the difficulties in obtaining supplies of components.

Thus, and if we are to believe the TOP 10 best-selling electric cars in Europe for February 2022, we unsurprisingly find the Tesla Model 3, again and again in pole position with 9,061 registrations, i.e. an increase of 67% compared to the figures recorded in the same period in 2021.

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tesla model y
Credits: JATO

Tesla stays on top thanks to the Model Y

On the other hand, a newcomer comes to occupy the second step of the podium: Tesla’s flagship SUV, the Model Y, therefore imposes itself with 6,729 registrations. Excellent news for the brand, and above all confirmation that the Model Y appeals to consumers. Launched in Europe in September 2021, the SUV has already succeeded in a few months in becoming a top seller. A great performance, especially since its price remains significantly higher than that of the Model 3, with an invoice that starts at €62,990 in France against €49,990 for the electric sedan.

On the other hand, its success is hardly surprising. For several years now, SUVs have become extremely popular with consumers. As revealed by the International Energy Agency in a study published in January 2022, there are 320 million SUVs worldwide today and within a few years, these vehicles should account for 45% of car sales. Moreover, JATO’s sales figures by vehicle category confirm this dynamic.

In February 2022, electric SUVs accounted for 52% of sales. It’s a safe bet that the Model Y will continue to perform in the coming months, especially with the opening of the Gigafactory in Berlin, which will drastically reduce delivery times on the European market.

Source: JATO

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