Tesla Model Y: the new version of the SUV spotted at the Gigafactory in Texas

More than a dozen new Model Ys have been spotted at the Gigafactory in Texas. These pictures lead us to believe that the production of the new version of Tesla’s electric SUV has finally started, after several months of postponement.

Tesla model y 2022
Credits: Electrek

More than a dozen new Model Ys have been spotted within the Texas Gigafactory facilities. As our colleagues from the Electrek site point out, we owe these photos to Jeff Roberts, a usual source for automotive media. It must be said that the man has the annoying habit of flying his drone over the various Tesla sites. (sweet-factory)

It is therefore thanks to him that we can see that bunch of brand new Model Ys. However, it is difficult to know if these vehicles were actually manufactured entirely in the Texas Super Factory. But if so, this is an important milestone for the American automaker.

Indeed, the Texas Gigafactory must occupy a important element in the growth of Tesla in 2022. Indeed, the site is set to gain in production volume, since it will have the difficult task of supplying the North American market. In addition, the production of the new Model Y marks “a manufacturing revolution” according to Elon Musk.

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Tesla model y 2022
Credits: Electrek

Tesla finally begins production of the 2022 Model Y

The billionaire is referring here to the famous 4680 batteries presented during Battery Day. These brand new batteries, which must precisely equip the Model Y 2022, would be able to produce five times more power than 1865 and 2170 batteries. Tesla’s idea is as follows: to use its large cylindrical batteries to package them in a single battery module which will also serve as structural platform on which to install the car body.

Also remember that these batteries, co-developed with Panasonic, have many other advantages. In addition to the obvious increase in battery size, they are 10% lighter and offer 14% more battery life (enough to go up to 600 km WLTP). In addition, Panasonic ensures that their production cost is reduced by 50% compared to that of the 1865 and 2170.

Finally, note that the 2022 Model Ys, like the Model 3s for that matter, will benefit from a new AMD Ryzen chip. This processor promises to make the infotainment system much faster, while also reducing its production costs.

Source: Electrek

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