Tesla quietly disconnects front radars on older models

According to several users, Tesla currently takes advantage of routine visits to the garage to disconnect the frontal radars on the brand’s older models. Since 2021, Tesla has gradually migrated to the Tesla Vision system for Autopilot instead of speed cameras.

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Tesla began in May 2021 to phase out front-end radars on its cars. To ensure the proper functioning of its autonomous driving services such as Autopilot and FSD, the manufacturer has chosen to trust another technology: Tesla Vision.

As Elon Musk explained in 2021, the Tesla Vision consists of an armada of 360° cameras installed in key areas of the body. These sensors are used to film the surroundings and allow Autopilot to get “high-definition spatial positioning, long-distance visibility and the ability to identify objects”.

And inevitably, vehicles manufactured before the introduction of the Tesla Vision still have frontal radars and ultrasonic sensors. And according to a report by The Drive, Tesla is obviously seeking to remove these components from cars still equipped.

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Tesla seeks to discreetly disable frontal radars

Indeed, several owners have noticed a free line added to the maintenance estimate of their Tesla. This line is dedicated to disconnection of frontal radars and ultrasonic sensors. It should be noted that the Tesla service center requires the customer’s approval to carry out this manipulation.

As The Drive points out, some owners have tried to remove this line from the quote. Only, it was systematically added by Tesla. Nevertheless, some users have managed to get the operation canceled by asking their mechanic directly. Despite everything, it was a simple reprieve, since the manufacturer warned that the frontal radars will be deactivated remotely via a software update in the next weeks.

tesla autopilot
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In addition, the brand’s technicians have confirmed to certain owners that their vehicles have not used the radars for more than three months, date on which they deactivated by a first wave of OTA MAJ.

For Tesla, the primary interest is obviously to ensure that its entire fleet uses the same technology for its autonomous driving features, namely the Tesla Vision. But according to one user, deactivating the front radars also saves the vehicle battery. Indeed, the component consumes energy when it is now useless.

Source : The Drive

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