Tesla recalls 50,000 electric cars over speedometer bug

A new recall is added to the collection of Tesla. Indeed, the manufacturer is recalling 50,000 Model 3s produced between 2018 and 2022. In question, a bug on the speedometer which does not display the correct unit of measurement.

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Decidedly, the black series of Tesla recalls continues. Two weeks ago, the European Commission ordered the brand to recall thousands of Model 3s and Model Ys over a serious bonnet problem. Indeed, the front trunk could simply open once the vehicle was at high speed, enough to cause terrible accidents.

This time, the American manufacturer announces the recall of 50,000 Model 3 produced between 2018 and 2022. In question, a display bug on the speedometer which does not specify the unit of measurement used, in this case in mph or km/h. Knowing that one mile per hour is equivalent to 1.6 km/h, it is clear that this kind of detail can lead to a distorted perception of the actual speed of the vehicle.

A bug on the TRACK mode of the Model 3

Note, however, that this bug only concerns TRACK mode, used in particular on closed circuits to boost the performance of Model 3 Performance. However, drivers can very well opt for this driving mode at any time, and in fact it must follow the same guidelines as any other digital speedometer.

The absence of the speed unit when using TRACK mode may not properly inform the driver of vehicle speed, which may increase the risk of a collision”, assures the NHTSA, the American federal agency in charge of road safety. On the side of Tesla, we guarantee that no crashes have been reported on American roads and circuits because of this bug. In addition, the brand claims that the problem was discovered internally.

Note, however, that the drivers concerned will not have to return their vehicle to the garage. Indeed, and this is rather good news, Tesla will be able to solve the problem via a simple TRACK mode software update. According to the brand, the gradual deployment of the patch has started since April 19, 2022. For the record, this recall is part of a (too) long series of major recalls, like that of February 2022. Tesla had been forced to recall no less than 579,000 vehicles due to an option that endangered pedestrians. In the same month, 26,000 vehicles were serviced because of a de-icing problem.

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