Tesla skimps on the USB connectors in its cars

I think I have already commented on occasion that I like Tesla cars, and that I also consider that the company has been instrumental in boosting the electric car market, something that until then was a niche product, but that Tesla has not only popularized (in terms of making them much more visible), but also, with its careful designs, its enormous number of functions and a very well planned marketing, It has made them, in many cases, an object of desire. The company’s contributions in this regard are undeniable.

However, when you have built your image around excellence, There are mistakes that you cannot make, and scratching at what you are supposed to give is a very clear example of this.. And no, I’m not talking about subscription services or calling something that is actually an assistant on autopilot that still requires your full attention. No, I mean something as basic as that, if you buy a Tesla, it has all the USB connections that it is supposed to have.

And this has been the case from its inception until the beginning of this month, at which point, as we can read in Electrek, some buyers have started receiving the Tesla they had bought, only to find that where there should be USB connectors, the only thing they have found has been the cavities in which they should have been housed. Holes, talking fast. And yes, you can put a cable in them, but obviously it is useless.

Some buyers claim that Tesla contacted them shortly before delivery to inform them of this incident, but many others would have been surprised when picking up their new cars. Imagine the situation, of course it must be nothing, but nothing pleasant. There is no lack, of course, all the USB ports of the cars, only part of them, in some cases the one that is located at the bottom of the center console, and in others it and the USB for the rear of the car. And in some cases, the induction charger does not work either which, in theory, should also be included.

Tesla skimps on the USB connectors in its cars

The reason for this surprising lack is not a design or assembly error by Tesla, no. It seems that, behind it, is the current chip shortage situation, something that has already led other companies in the sector to reduce their production volume, and even to raise the possibility of having to temporarily cease the production of vehicles, until the situation improves.

Be that as it may, the buyers have contacted Testa, and they affirm that the answer is summarized in that yes, the lack of said elements is recognized, and users are informed that the technical service is responsible for installing them for free. When? Hopefully in a few weeks. And the “with luck” is literal, so I wonder how long those buyers will have to wait if there is no such luck, months?

I am aware of the difficult situation in the automotive market, and even more so of the problems that, globally, the shortage of chips is posing. However, I know that if I buy a sale laptop for 600 euros, it will include all the USB ports that are indicated in the purchase information and that I can see in the photos. And it seems to me a bit excessive that, on the contrary, in a car that costs a few tens of thousands of euros, Tesla made no effort to guarantee something as basic as this.

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