Tesla: the design of the Semi’s battery leaked on the networks

A Twitter member posted images likely taken from Tesla’s catalog. They reveal details of the placement and design of the batteries of the Semi, the company’s electric semi-trailer.

According to the company, the Tesla Semi has a range of more than 800 kilometers. The company’s electric semi-trailer video released in December 2022 was supposed to prove it. Alas, she preached to converts and made Elon Musk’s detractors even more suspicious. Expectations are high for this electric semi-trailer. However, it would take a real technical prodigy for it to truly keep its promises.. A Twitter member named GreenTheOnly teased the details of the Semi’s battery design.

Tesla would like to revolutionize the trucking industry. The Semi is designed to be a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional semi-trailers who run on diesel. It has a theoretical range of 800 km and can go from 0 to 100 in 5 seconds, making it one of the fastest semi-trailers on the market. Tesla requires, the Semi also has a number of advanced security features. The improved Autopilot system should particularly appeal to drivers: it can automatically steer the truck to stay in its lane and adjust its speed according to traffic conditions.

The nine batteries of the Semi are placed under the driver’s cabin

The most dubious observers point out that it is impossible to get a real idea of ​​the capabilities of the Semi without knowing the actual capacity of the vehicle’s batteries or their weight. The payload of the truck depends on the latter: the Semi would effectively be of no use to transporters if the battery packs were too heavy or too bulky.

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The illustrations presented on Twitter show us how Tesla managed to fit a 900 kWh battery under the driver’s cab and in other parts of the vehicle. It can be seen that the batteries are nine in number, and that they do not all have the same shape. The images are very detailed, which suggests that they are taken from a catalog of spare parts from the manufacturer.

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