Tesla: the risk of driving games

Although Tesla vehicles have become the standard bearers for electric motors, in reality the most remarkable thing about their cars is the enormous amount of technology that they integrate. From the first images of the prototypes that we could see in the origins of the company, the presence of screens and the integration of sensors was one of the highlights of Elon Musk’s proposal for the motor world.

A key point of this technology is, of course, his set of driving assistants, the so-called Tesla Autopilot, that although at the moment it does not offer an autonomous and unattended driving system, which is what that name promises. Even so, it would be cynical not to recognize the enormous advances of the company in terms of the integration of smart electronic solutions, as well as screens and connectors, although in this last point they have recently experienced some or other deficiency.

In Tesla’s technological deployment there is room for practically everything, and one of the last examples of this we had last summer, when after a software update some games were included that can be enjoyed on the vehicle’s center console, which is located in the central area of ​​the dashboard, between the driver and the passenger, so that both can comfortably access it. In games we find everything from a solitaire to a strategy game.

The problem, as we can read in Engadget, is that they can be played while the Tesla is in motion. It is true that a warning message is displayed, in which the players must identify themselves as passengers, that is, confirm that they are not the driver, the effectiveness of this control system is more or less the same as that offered by the questions about age when accessing web pages aimed exclusively at adults. One click on “Yes” and the barrier is lifted.

Tesla: the risk of driving games

It is undoubtedly true that in case a driver decides to neglect driving to try to solve a loner, the responsibility will be fully yours. The problem, however, is that such negligence can lead to an accident in which not only the Tesla driver who has become distracted or over-relying on driver assistants, other people who have done nothing but share space, could be the victim. and time with that person, whether in the same vehicle, in others, or as pedestrians.

On the other hand, even if it is the co-pilot who is playing, the risk of driver distraction is also increased with a game of the game that is in the central console of the car. Campaigns and regulations pursue precisely that, the elements that can cause distractions, and in this case Tesla not only would not be fighting them. Rather, you would be creating one that can be particularly eye-catching and therefore effective.

And what would make sense? Well, the Tesla software only allow the games to be used when the vehicle is immobilized. And yes, I know it may sound a bit extreme, but I don’t think it is necessary to play during a trip either, and less on a screen that is quite close to the driver and that, therefore, can be distracting.

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