Tesla: this video of the Semi traveling 800 km on a single charge is impressive

Tesla has published on social networks the famous video in which a Semi crosses the west coast of the United States over a distance of 800 kilometers. This is proof that the new 100% electric truck can be used by road hauliers all over the world.

Tesla released a video in which its semi-trailer, the Semi, covers a distance of 800 kilometers in eight hours. The Semi is obviously a vehicle reserved for professional use, the truck that we see in the clip is therefore loaded exactly within the authorized limit, with a GVW of just over 37 tonnes.

The Tesla Semi going 500 miles, completely full, on a single charge “. The message accompanying the Twitter post is concise. Just like the two-minute video shot in timelapse which will eventually convince those who doubted the ability of the Semi to cover such a distance with a single battery. The performance is formidable, a revolution in road transport may be unfolding before our eyes.

Elon Musk will publish a real-time video of the 800 km covered by the Semi

The video was filmed on November 25, departing from the Tesla factory in Fremont and takes us down the west coast of California to San Diego, at PepsiCo, which was the Semi’s first buyer. According to Elon Musk, no special effects or special effects were used. The trucker makes a long portion of the trip at night, probably to avoid traffic. The CEO of the company has promised to publish a real-time version of this tripfor Tesla or Semi enthusiasts.

Expectations for Tesla’s truck were high. Even before knowing its true performance, several companies such as Walmart, UPS, PepsiCo, DHL or even FedEx have already ordered several dozen copies of the 100% electric semi-trailer. And they had flair, because Elon Musk and his engineers seem to have delivered on their promise. Will global demand for the Semi follow? Nothing is less sure. Some observers are quick to point out that charging stations for electric vehicles of this size will gobble up as much electricity as a small town.

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