Tesla: this young woman gives birth in a car on autopilot

A young American gave birth aboard a Tesla with autopilot activated. The child’s father preferred to activate the Autopilot during the trip to the hospital to assist his wife, who had just lost water.

A young woman gave birth to her daughter on boarda Tesla with Autopilot activated, report our colleagues from the Philadelphia Inquirer. The happy event took place on September 9th. That night, Yiran Sherry, a 33-year-old American girl, started having contractions. In the early morning, she suddenly lost water.

Her husband, Keating Sherry, promptly took her to hospital in his Tesla. Given his wife’s condition, the man activated Autopilot, the brand’s autopilot technology, during the ride. He could take care of his other half as he walked to the hospital. All he had to do was keep one hand on the wheel.

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The child’s father thanks Tesla engineers

Even with Tesla’s autopilot on, you still need to keep your hands on the wheel. If this is not the case, a ringtone will quickly call you to order. Secondly, the electric car will slow down and fall back to the side of the road to avoid incidents.

It took about 20 minutes for the couple, along with their 3-year-old child, to reach the nearest hospital. During the journey, the newborn had almost pulled out of his mother’s womb. Arrived at the emergency room, it only remained for the nurses to cut the umbilical cord to conclude the delivery. Fortunately, the baby is very healthy.

“Thanks to the genius Tesla engineers for your brilliant autopilot design”, thanks Keating Sherry, relieved to have been able to leave the car on autopilot. This is not the first time that a Tesla has found itself tied to an unusual story. In 2019, a porn actress wanted to demonstrate the effectiveness of Autopilot by shooting a scene aboard a Model X. It often happens that drivers also use the Autpilot to take a nap or watch a movie, despite Tesla’s recommendations.

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