Tesla Will Fix Autopilot Camera Fogging And Freezing Soon, Here’s How

Drivers in cold regions may well appreciate Tesla’s next hardware update, as fully electric cars should fix several issues caused by low outside temperatures.

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If the Tesla are perfectly able to resist the cold thanks to their heat pump, too extreme conditions can sometimes limit the performance of the Autopilot. Indeed, it happens that the cameras positioned all around the vehicle (Tesla Vision) are covered with fog, or even simply frozen.

For this, Tesla probably has a solution. As revealed by internal documents in Chinese, the automaker plans to soon equip the cameras of its vehicles with heated components as well as fans to avoid possible vision problems that may arise. Tesla should even fully update the cameras themselves.

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The Teslas will use fewer cameras, but these will be signed Samsung

Currently, Teslas use 1.2MP cameras all around the vehicle to enable driver assistance features, such as Autopilot. According to documents from the Shanghai Gigafactory, the Hardware 4 revision of the carwhich will arrive on the new generation, should use brand new cameras signed Samsung.

These new cameras would offer a definition of 5 MP, more than 4 times the current definition. That will not only allow Autopilot to gather more data while drivingbut Tesla should also reduce the number of cameras around its vehicles.

With such a definition, Tesla would, for example, only need two cameras on the front, instead of three currently. It remains to be seen when the vehicles equipped with this new generation of equipment will be released. A 2023 Tesla Model 3 prototype was spotted in a parking lot last month, and it could very well use the new Hardware 4.0. Either way, if fans and heaters are a part of the game alongside cameras, Tesla’s are expected to explode in popularity in cold countries.

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