Test Windows 11 without installing it, it’s possible (a little)

Windows 11 is due out in 2021. As the pre-versions follow one another, an initiative allows you to explore Microsoft’s new operating system directly in the web browser.

Windows 11 will be released by the end of 2021, which will succeed Microsoft’s current operating system, Windows 10, in place since 2015. Since this summer, the American company provides pre-versions of the OS that can be downloaded and installed. However, be forewarned: a preview is not a consumer-ready grind and can therefore pose some concerns.

Admittedly, these preparatory versions, which are coming out little by little while waiting for the final launch of Windows 11, are more and more stable over time. But for those who are not very comfortable with the computer tool, it might not be good advice to suggest embarking on such an adventure now, especially on their daily computer (not to mention the risk download Windows 11 from an unknown site).

Windows 11 and its centered Start Menu // Source: Screenshot

Test Windows 11 online

In this context, the Win 11 in React initiative, mentioned by Frandroid in its August 26 edition, seems a good compromise: this site allows you to simulate a little the functioning of Windows 11 directly in your web browser. Admittedly, the project is de facto limited and will not be able to fully mimic the real functioning of the OS, although it improves as it goes (the source code is available on GitHub for consultation, but also for recommendations. ), but it at least allows you to explore its interface.

Several screens and panels can be launched on the screen, such as the notification center, the search box, the file explorer (empty for now), the application store and even the Edge web browser, which is functional. The terminal can also be launched, just like the notepad, the calculator, the whiteboard or VS Code.

For people with moderate to low computer proficiency, this project is a good way to scratch the surface of Windows 11 and get a feel for how it behaves and how the various elements are arranged. For those with a higher skill, this may not be enough. But in this case, it is about a public which probably knows better manage the installation of an OS in beta and, therefore, knows how to use it, uninstall it and clean the system, without risk. In short, each audience has its own solution.

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