Tests of the M2 Max chip suggest that it will not be so special for our Macs


There is little talk about the next Mac. There is already talk of the next iPhone 15 and in the meantime, we must stop to reflect, because there was speculation for a long time about the existence of new chips that would be the ones that the new Macs would bring. this entry, of the new M2 Max chips that may be the next evolution for new Apple computers. We would have to assume that being the latest and most modern, these chips would have to be extraordinary. However, some tests carried out on this M2 Max, they show that expectations exceed reality and that they are not as good as expected.

Geekbench tests show higher percentages than the M1 but not too much

Rumors by definition are information that has not been verified or that has not yet occurred. In this case, the existence of the M2 Max chip is a utopia, because none has been seen and officially, at the moment, it does not exist. However, it has been seen on Twitter as the user @VNchocoTaco, states that this chip model has been subjected to a series of performance tests, yielding some results far from what was expected of him.

The test has been carried out following the parameters established by the platform specialized in measuring CPUs, Geekbench 5. It can be seen in the image uploaded to the social network, how what is identified as a “mac14.6”. That results in a device with an Apple M2 Max CPU being used. The most curious thing about all this is that it does not officially exist.

Depending on the platform, the M2 Max chip used in the benchmark test has a 12-core CPU with 3.54GHz and 96GB of RAM. It achieved a score of 1853 on single core and 13855 on multicore. For comparison, the M1 Max chip that powers the MacBook Pro and entry-level Mac Studio has 10 cores with 3.2GHz and scores 1746 single-core and 12154 multi-core.

Based on these tests, the M2 Max chip is only 14% faster than the M1 Max chip. Now, this is the precise moment in which we can see if the results obtained have been like this because the total performance of the new CPU has not been measured or if this supposed M2 Max chip is not going to meet the expectations of critical users. and experts, who expected this new chip model in Macs, to produce dizzying figures, as had happened so far with previous models.

But if we analyze reality a bit, we can see that the M2 chip that mounts the MacBook Air, it only shows an 11% and a 19% improvement compared to the same Mac model with M1 Chip, in a single core and in several. That’s because Apple focused at the time on energy efficiency and not performance. something similar may be happening with this M2 Max model. In addition, we have to take into account that the suppliers of these chips have not yet decided to launch the new ones with 3-nanometer technology.

We will have to wait a little longer. Because rumors say that the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, Mac Studio, and Apple Silicon-powered Mac Pro may arrive in 2023. So, if we’re talking about the M2 Max chip, it’s more likely to be included in the higher-end versions of the new MacBook Pro and the Mac Studio model.

We will have to wait and see if the existence of these new M2 Max chips becomes a reality. Bearing in mind that, if the tests are true, since it comes from a source that up to now we cannot say has a hit rate at the level of Mark from Bloomberg or Kuo, but enough to echo her, the results obtained are not entirely excellent. Now, without being so critical, a 14% improvement, it’s already a lot and on a computer it shows a lot. These gains translate into seconds of improvement in downloads, less heating, more performance when opening and working with various programs and much more.

We shouldn’t be as critical of Apple’s chip capabilities or at least as critical of this, but also of other devices and company decisions that may be more contentious or at least more controversial. We will have to wait Because as they always say, the only thing that cures a rumor is time. Let’s wait and see if it comes true or not. After all, the year 2023 is just around the corner. Now yes, it puts us in a commitment when it comes to seeing if we ask Santa Claus or the Kings for a new Mac or if we wait for this M2 Max.

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