Tesvor S4, analysis: laser navigation at the best price

The brand tesvorspecialized in the manufacture of robots, arrives in Spain backed by the distributor Ziclotech, after rising as one of the best-selling robot vacuum cleaner brands in markets such as Germany. With almost 20 years of experience in the sector behind them, manufacturing for other big brands, they present their new big bet: Tesvor S4which they define as the robot vacuum cleaner with laser navigation LiDAR with the best value for money on the market. Despite being a mid-range device, it has this laser technology, which gives it much greater precision to detect walls and other obstacles. In this way it manages to cover a larger part of all the surfaces through which it passes.

What better way to inaugurate Tesvor’s arrival in the Spanish market than by analyzing its flagship, which has the following characteristics:

Tesvor S4 Specifications

Dimensions 33 x 33 x 10.1cm
Weight 4.8KG
Navigation laser lidar
suction power 2,200Pa
Solid deposit capacity 600ml
connectivity WiFi 2.4Ghz
apps Yes (Tresvor)
Programmable Yes
Battery 2,500mAh; 25W
Autonomy Up to 120 minutes

Already with the box in our hands, when we open it we find the following elements:

  • Robot Tesvor S4
  • 600 ml dust container, removable and easy to clean
  • 2 dustproof filters
  • 4 removable and washable side brushes
  • Cleaning brush
  • Charging base with cable and power supply
  • Remote control
  • Instruction Manual for the vacuum cleaner and the mobile application

Tesvor’s new robot vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air, in its acronym in English) and a dust container with a capacity of 600ml (larger than in other devices, so we will have to empty it less frequently). As for the motor, it has a suction power of 2200 Pa, more than enough for standard and day-to-day cleaning. In addition, as we already mentioned, it has the LiDAR laser navigation system, which allows you to create virtual maps, avoid obstacles and move around the house with precision, planning a much more specific and personalized route. In this way, we can store up to 5 different maps.

We can start it in different ways: from the buttons located on the top of the robot (which allow us to turn it on or off and return it to the charging base), with the remote control, through the Tesvor application or by voice, thanks to the intelligent assistants of Google or Amazon. After an obviously slower first cleaning, in which the map of the house is processed, we can enjoy faster and more efficient vacuuming.

His high performance battery (from 2500 mAh) allows it to work for up to 120 minutes (using the standard cleaning power), sufficient autonomy to clean a surface of up to 120m2 without interruptions. Once the cleaning is finished (or the battery charge, whichever comes first) the robot itself returns to the base to recharge, reaching 100% battery again in an estimated time of between 4-6 hours. It should be noted that this estimate of battery life is associated with the silent suction mode; however, if we use normal power (which would be the “strong” one), the autonomy of the robot vacuum cleaner would fluctuate 90-100 minutes.

Tesvor S4

As for the sound, the classic voice that informs us of the beginning or end of cleaning, the robot allows you to adjust both the language and the volume. So that we can silence it without problem or adjust it to our language, unlike other devices. The noise level varies depending on the selected cleaning power, but it always stays below 50db, a more than reasonable figure.

Its design is simple, but with good taste. We find a dark gray robot, made of matte black plastic, with the upper part in a glass-effect finish, which gives it a more elegant touch. Its dimensions are ‎33 cm in diameter and just over 10 cm in height, enough so that it begins to give us some problem when passing under some furniture. Luckily, we can always make use of the restricted areas so as not to get upset.

It is worth mentioning that there is the possibility of enjoying the mopping function with the S4, but for this we must purchase the water tank separately.

Greater control through the app

To get the most out of the Tesvor S4 we will have to download the Tesvor app from the Apple or Play Store, register and follow a few simple steps to link the device with our 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi network. Notably it does not work if we select a 5 Ghz or 5G.

Tesvor S4 review: laser navigation at the best price 32

From the cleaning App we can select from various options: turn on the device, select the desired suction power, program cleaning schedules, operate the device manually (as if it were a remote-controlled toy), modify the map (either with the system of rooms or with virtual walls), restrict zones or select cleaning by rooms or zones. But these are just some of the many options available in the app.

We found some curious option, such as the section Smart, in which we can configure tasks for the robot based on, for example, if there is any change in the weather (humidity, wind, heat, etc.) or in the state of the robot. Also, if there is an error during cleaning, such as something stuck in the roller, the robot stops and the app displays an error code that tells you what the problem is.

Tesvor S4 review: laser navigation at the best price 34

Once the application is installed, if we have a voice assistant such as Alexa or Google Assistantwe can link it through Smart Life to the robot to be able to control it by voice.

In addition to the map history, which as we have mentioned allows you to store up to 5 different, we find a cleaning history, in which we can consult the days, hours and areas cleaned in the past.

It is true that on occasion we have found that the app modifies some maps, merging or dividing rooms a little at will. Although this does not directly affect the operation of the robot, can be a problem when using the room cleaning option. We hope that this is a problem that will be polished with future software updates.


Tesvor reaches the Spanish market betting heavily, with which, they announce, it is the robot vacuum cleaner with LiDAR laser navigation with the best quality-price ratio on the market. After analyzing it, we really find ourselves with a device in which good navigation stands out, among other aspects.

We can find a problem in the app, which sometimes it doesn’t work quite right when it comes to managing and editing maps, although it does not affect the proper functioning of the robot, except for use in some way.

With more than acceptable specifications for day-to-day use, a good battery, suction capacity with an acceptable noise level, and a variety of options to start it up, program it and configure it, it is a good option if you are looking for a device with good navigation and you have a tight budget.

Right now the Tesvor S4 can be purchased on Amazon for a bargain price of €219.99

Tesvor S4 review: laser navigation at the best price 36

Tesvor S4


A multifunction robot vacuum cleaner with different cleaning modes and an elegant and innovative design at an affordable and very competitive price.

build quality8.5

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