Tetris Beat, the reinvention of the classic to the rhythm of music

Tetris to the rhythm of music

N3TWORK is responsible for the latest proposal within the already countless Tetris that exist, the classic video game where pieces of different shapes fall and you must fit them to form lines so that they disappear while still having space to the ones that will keep falling and falling.

Well, the new version that will be released shortly will be Tetris beat and by the name you should already intuit that it will be a bit special and different from the ones you may have played so far. This time there will be 18 exclusive songs that will serve to give each game a bit of rhythm, to motivate you and make everything more enjoyable or even more chaotic because of how listening to each song might or might not influence you.

Even so, that will be the number of initial songs, each month there will be new ones so that playing Tetris Beat is not something monotonous at the level of sound experience as the original title was. Because, who does not remember that little music that stayed fixed in the brain after a while playing. Although it has also been part of the success of the game.

What is clear is that music will be an important part of the experience, because it will influence some of the ways that he proposes, which are three:

  • Drop: the mode where you will have to turn and drop pieces to the rhythm of the music while scoring as much as you can
  • Tap: It is a mode where as a player you choose the ghost piece that you see best
  • Marathon: It is the most classic way to enjoy the essence of Tetris again and where you can choose which music will play in the background

Where to play Tetris Beat

Tetris® Beat
Tetris® Beat

And now the good or bad news according to each one. Tetris Beat will be an exclusive Apple Arcade title. That means that only Apple device users with an active subscription to the company’s game service will be able to download it to their iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. Of course, if you don’t have one, you can console yourself with these direct games from the browser.

The good thing is that if you have one of these devices you can enjoy the game wherever you go, its daily, weekly and monthly missions, also the three levels of difficulty for each mode, competitiveness with friends via Game Center, support for physical controller if you prefer to play something more comfortable on your iPad, Mac or Apple TV and even the support for Spatial Audio on AirPods Pro and Mac.

Here is a trailer for the game so you can see what awaits you in a game that is not available for now, but if you access Apple Arcade you can activate notifications so that it will notify you when it is. So you can download it and show how much you are a Tetris fan and this is the title you were waiting for or not.

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