Thanks to these programs, if you feel like going back to school

If we want going back to school not to be a problem of morale, like every year, in this article we show you the best applications that will motivate you to return to classes and see how we can improve our learning experience.

OneNote, for notes

The Microsoft OneNote tool allows us to organize in one place the course notes (allows freehand annotations), information that we can access both from Windows through the native application, and from any mobile device or tablet. In addition, it is also accessible via the web, so if we use a Chromebook instead of a PC, we will not have any limitations to access this platform (we can also install the application for Android).


If, in addition, we work with Office, we will enjoy a perfect integration that will allow us to get the most out of it. OneNote is completely free to use and does not require a subscription to Microsoft 365. All you need is a Microsoft account, either @outlook or @hotmail. We can download OneNote for Windows through the following link.


Microsoft To Do, for tasks

We continue talking about Microsoft applications. This time it is the To Do application, the result after the purchase of Wunderlist. With Microsoft’s To Do we can organize in one place all pending tasks of our educational center. It allows you to share lists with other users, a function that we can take advantage of to work collaboratively on projects with other colleagues, where we can add ideas, topics to discuss, suggestions, comments, and more.

Microsoft To Do

Like OneNote, To Do is available for Windows as well as for mobile devices, which will allow us to access the information that we store in this application from any device. We can even access through the web, if we use a Chromebook or install the Android application from the application store. Downloading and using this application is completely free.

Microsoft To Do: Lists, Tasks & Reminders
Microsoft To Do: Lists, Tasks & Reminders

Microsoft Teams, ideal for group work

at the time of doing work with other colleagues class, we have at our disposal, another Microsoft application called Teams. This application allows us to make calls and video calls, in addition to having conversations via chat. It integrates with all Office applications, so if we are also users of Microsoft 365, we will be able to get the most out of it, although it is not essential.


Microsoft Teams is available for free and we can use almost all the features no need to pay subscription to Microsoft 365 that unlocks all the features, features aimed at large companies mainly. If our computer is managed by Windows 11, it is installed natively, if not, we can download it through the following link for Windows 10. It is also available for iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets as well as via the web.

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams

Mega, to store files

To manage all the information that we are going to generate during the next school year, we need a cloud storage platform that allows us to access all the files from any device and place, including via the web. The obvious solution would be to use OneDrive, but it only offers 5 GB of free space, so it’s not an option to consider.

Google Drive is also not an option, since it offers us 15 GB that is shared with Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive. The best free option, today is Mega. This platform offers us 20 GB of space completely free. In addition, it has an application for Windows that allows us to synchronize all the files that we create or edit on our computer. We can also access your content through applications for iOS mobile devices and tablets.

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