Thanks to this new Chrome feature you will now browse more safely

The safety when browsing The Internet is a very important factor, but unfortunately it is not always present. We may come across web pages that are fraudulent, which may pose a security risk. Luckily now Google Chrome has introduced a new function that will allow you to browse the Internet with greater security. You will be able to avoid risks that compromise your data and may even steal passwords.

We are going to explain to you what it is, how it helps you and, also, what you can do to further enhance that protection. The objective is to avoid computer attacks that could expose your information and passwords simply by entering an unreliable website. There are many sites on the Internet that could be malicious.

From HTTP to HTTPS automatically

Chrome’s new security feature, which is already present for all users, consists of passing a HTTP to HTTPS web page automatically. Of course, as long as there is an encrypted version. What does this mean? If you enter a website in its unencrypted version, for example through an old link on the Internet, that connection will automatically be transferred to the HTTPS version, which is the encrypted one.

This function is known as HTTPS-Upgrades. If we translate it into Spanish, we can say that it would be HTTPS Updates. Its objective is none other than to prevent us from browsing through unencrypted versions of a website. Especially, it can happen if we enter from a link that we have saved for a long time, by accessing from another old page or simply by mistake when putting it in the browser.

If you enter an unencrypted website, it means that all the content you send or receive may be exposed. For example, if you connect over public Wi-Fi, there could be intruders stealing that data. Even if you are not aware of it, it could greatly affect your security and privacy.

This, as we are going to explain, does not make security 100%, but it does improve it at least in this aspect. It is necessary to take other additional measures, as you would always do, to prevent viruses from being transmitted or passwords stolen.

Chrome is going to hide the public IP

Protect your security in Chrome

Yes, you’re going to have to keep taking security measures. Although now you no longer run the risk of entering, by mistake, a website in its HTTP version, you may still have problems. For example, you could be the victim of a Phishing attack that steals your passwords when you log in through a fake link.

You could also end up downloading a file that is actually malware. This can happen if you access a page where they have hosted a fake program, which contains viruses, with which they will control your device or steal personal data of all kinds. Common sense is always the best defensive weapon.

Therefore, as you can see, using Google Chrome is now safer. It will allow you to avoid HTTP web pages by updating them, automatically and without you having to do anything, to HTTPS. However, you should always take safety precautions to avoid problems. You can always protect your Chrome profile, another measure to avoid problems.

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