That’s how (colorful) Polaroid x Nike shoes are

The market for sneakers is full of collaborations between brands. Sneakers have become collectibles. There is a whole network of dedicated blogs, influencers and shoe specialists who are dedicated to showing teasers and feed rumors about new sneaker releases with limited edition. The turn has come to Polaroid this time, and as we have learned in a publication of zSneakerHeadz, an influencer in the world, Nike would be preparing a collaboration with the brand of retro cameras.

The first collaboration between Nike and Polaroid arrives

It’s about the Polaroid x Nike SB Dunk Low. A new shoe from Nike’s skateboarding line.

Images of this new pair of sneakers have been posted on Instagram. In them we can clearly see what the design of this new product that will see the light next year will be.

It is not just another sneaker model with the Polaroid logo. The design of all the shoe has inspired by the brand. The choice of colors does not seem to convince everyone, but they have been chosen with great discretion. The pair has the top of black color, while the sole and the bottom of the heel are white. The division between these two zones is made by means of the tick typical of Nike shoes, consisting of several rainbow colored strips that represent the colors of the Polaroid logo.

The insoles are also colored and we will once again find the Polaroid logo on the inside of the tongue and in a small detail on the instep of the shoe, just below the laces.

Price and availability

Polaroid x Nike SB Dunk Low shoes will cost 110 dollars in the United States, so it is to be expected that they will arrive in Europe with a price around 100 euros.

Regarding the launch date, everything seems to indicate that they will go on sale next year, specifically in the month of April, although this information is not directly confirmed by Nike officially.

What has led Polaroid to do these kinds of collaborations?

We could say that Polaroid lives of his old glories From the past. The mythical brand of instant cameras is hardly dedicated to photography anymore. They sell some instant cameras, yes, but they have not followed the same path of other brands in their sector.

But the truth is that Polaroid he has not always lived on snapshots. The brand was born in 1937 and was engaged in the production of polarizing filters for astronomical telescopes. It was Edwin H. Land, son of the founder of the company, who would dare to enter the chemical photography market. In 1947 he discovered a method to be able to print a photograph instantly. His technology was a boom and Polaroid became the brand we all know.

But not everything is success. In 2001, Polaroid filed for bankruptcy and the company was dissolved. Seven years later, a group of investors rescued the brand by forming a company called PLR IP Holdings LLC. Since then, the Polaroid brand is licensed to other manufacturers, which manufacture photographic and electronic products, clothing and accessories for them under the mythical retro brand that we like so much.

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