That’s how incredible was the escape of a North Korean prisoner from a Chinese jail; reminds you of someone? VIDEO

An unusual event caused a great commotion in China, as a North Korean defector escaped on October 18 of the prison in Jilin by climbing the wall of a shed and jumping the fence of security until reaching the street, all before the eyes of the guards security and other prisoners.

The subject, identified as Zhu Xianjian 39, was in prison serving an 11-year sentence for robbery and illegally crossing the border with North KoreaIn addition, he had stabbed an older woman during one of the robberies because she screamed for help when she discovered him at home.

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The moment Zhu escaped from prison was caught by the security cameras from prison and spread on social media by authorities, who later removed him. In the clip he can be seen working on a shed and then he begins to climb the bars until he reaches the ceiling where he used what appears to be a rope to damage the electric fence and be able to jump it.

Authorities reported that Zhu Xianjian worked at a coal mine in North Korea’s Hamgyong province until he crossed the border in 2013. Upon being detained, the subject admitted having entered some houses to steal clothes, money and shoes after crossing the border.

They offer reward

The authorities released a statement in which they physically describe Zhu and ask not to confront him as he is a dangerous subject, in addition to offering a reward of up to $ 23,000 for information that may be helpful in his capture.

After jumping the fence, it can be seen that the prisoner suffers a strong fall that keeps him on the ground for a few minutes until he recovers, gets up and runs until he is not detected by the security cameras.

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Some users have pointed out in social networks that Zhu Xianjian He managed to escape due to the new mandate of the authorities in China due to the Covid-19 pandemic, because with it the security guards cannot leave the prison facilities for at least seven days.

Until before his capture, the man was serving a sentence of 11 years in prison, however, in 2017 it was reduced for good behavior and in 2020 it was further reduced for showing repentance; however, once he had served his sentence, he had to go back to North Korea.


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