The 10 best games for Android smartphones this week 2021

Welcome to the roundup of the best games for Android smartphones that were released on the Play Store or that we discovered this week. For this occasion, I have the Early Access release for a mobile adaptation of Magic: The Gathering, a new Slashy puzzle from Blue Wizard Digital, and Square Enix’s latest Gacha cash catch. So without further ado, here are the best Android smartphone games of this week .

Magic: The Gathering Arena

It’s surprising that Magic: The Gathering has been absent on mobile all this time. But now that the game has finally made its way to Android, it’s clear that Arena offers a game comparable to the PC app. This way, mobile users can pick up where they left off while away from home.

So if you’re a fan of MtG or looking for a good place to start, the Access Launch early for Magic: The Gathering Arena is a great place to learn the basics. The game makes its mechanics easier for players with a useful tutorial ; Plus, you won’t have to worry about buying physical card packs just to learn how to drive.

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Slashy Camp

Los 10 mejores juegos para smartphones Android de esta semana. Aplicaciones Android

Slashy Camp comes from the creators of Slayaway Camp, one of my favorite puzzle games of 2017. As you can imagine, I was excited to learn that there was a new game from this developer, although I can’t say another endless runner in the Play Store piqued my interest a lot. Also, if you love to play games online, you must play Drift Hunters. This is really a good game that you simply can’t leave.

Fortunately, this one version retains many of the components that made the first title so popular, like cleverly sliding around a level to kill campers. Really, the endless running mechanic simply serves to make this game infinite while doing your best to kill as many people as you can in each race. Also I’m happy to see that the game is monetized fairly .

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Pink is the latest puzzle game from Bart Bonte and is part of his colorful game series. In this particular version, there are 50 riddles to solve , and these are all logic puzzles, so you’ll need to bring your thinking cap if you want to get through this one. There are suggestions available if you get stuck, and if you prefer a premium experience, you can pay to remove the ads from the game. Without a doubt, Pink is one of the best games for Android smartphones released this week.

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Mystic Hammer

Mystic Hammer is basically a clone of Plants vs. Zombies, but it is a competent one and made its way from PC to Android this week. So in essence, this is played like a tower defense game , where you will protect each lane from the title’s ever-invading enemies. There are 50 levels to explore, and thanks to a healthy dose of RPG mechanics, there’s enough depth here to keep people busy for a while.

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Mycetopia may offer great graphics for a mobile Metroidvania title, but sadly the gameplay suffers due to too many recoil and other myopic design options. Since this is a port that is new to Android, reviews are available and not very positive , and after playing around a bit I must say I agree.

It looks like this is just another unnamed standalone Metroidvania title recently ported to Android. Fortunately, the asking price isn’t that bad, and since this is a premium launch that’s priced low, it’s not like betting on this title breaks the bank. Just don’t expect groundbreaking Metroidvania, and you’ll probably have a good time.

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321 Shootout

321 Shootout is a nice looking first person shooter game. It offers fast action, requiring quick reflexes, as you would expect from a sand shooter. So if you’ve been waiting to scratch your itch from your mobile twitch shooter, 321 Shootout is a good option this week.

Best of all, It is properly monetized , so you will not have to worry about abusive purchases within the application. While this is clearly a standalone matter that might need a bit more polishing, the game is free to play so everyone can take a look if they want to.

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Los 10 mejores juegos para smartphones Android de esta semana. Aplicaciones Android

GameApart is an older version, but since I have yet to cover it, I thought now is a good time to highlight a title that offers a collection of mini-games that can be played with friends and family remotely via apps like Skype and Meet.

This version works very similarly to the Jackbox titles , where the application handles the content of the game, and everyone participates in-game through a locally installed version of the app, all while using some form of communication through a separate app. While some bugs are still present, such as ads interrupting your sessions, the developers are working on these issues.

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Hidden Lands

Hidden Lands is a colorful puzzle game in which you’ll be tasked with spotting the difference between two images while immersing yourself in some hidden object mechanics. So yeah, this is a simple game, but it looks cool, and there is some fun as you progress through the 100 missions of the title. Sadly in-game ads can be annoying and the lack of an intro will leave some people guessing what they are supposed to do, not that it’s that hard to figure things out quickly.

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Dragon Quest Tact

Captura de pantalla

Dragon Quest Tact is an older game that has been around in Japan for some time, but it just got a release in English this week. Since this is an older title, its age shows, especially since this is an old-fashioned gacha game that hardly compares to the new King Genshin Impact, although if you’re a Dragon Quest fan, you might enjoy the theme. Of course, you’ll have to deal with greedy monetization and poor game balance, a staple of games like this that Dragon Quest Tact doesn’t avoid.

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Stellar Hunter

Stellar Hunter is a new version that we covered last year when it was in early access. This is a space-themed RPG with roguelike mechanics , and while these are terms that are often used to describe almost every Android game ever made, it’s not surprising to see that this title also plays like the rest. This means that you will be tapping your movements at the bottom of the screen as a team of 4 explore strange planets while constantly battling alien enemies. As expected, Stellar Hunter is poorly monetized and still buggy despite the recent stable release. Without a doubt, it is one of the best games for Android smartphones released this week.

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