The 10 best movies you can watch on HBO Max, according to IMDb

9. Spider-Man: A New Universe, the Oscar-winning animated film

Surprise, maybe, but it is the best Spider-Man movie and the best Marvel superhero movie. And i mean it. Also took the Oscar for best film. Lively, yes, but in the year that Green book it won the statuette for best picture in general, without a doubt it is the true winner.

An 8.4 on Imdb and a movie that has it all, spectacular animation, humor, music perfect …

8. Casablanca

Classic incunabula, with a humor and a story that is no longer made. Can you revive some of the most mythical scenes in film history and finally realize why it is considered a masterpiece.

It has an 8.5 on Imdb and deserves one more point at least. It already takes time to see it and verify that certain classics give a thousand turns to many today’s films.

7. Interstellar

Oh, Nolan and the blind devotion to this director … Interstellar is good, has an 8.6 on Imdb and worth.

Is also Origin, the same note and also available on HBO Max, but I’m not jokingly putting it on this list. I don’t understand how that film He has so many worshipers, so I’m going to pretend he’s not there.

6. Seven

David Fincher scored his best picture, with a Incredible style followed by copycats everywhere. In addition, a Brad Pitt who was beginning to detach himself from the image of a handsome hunk to get into that of a serious actor. An 8.6 on Imdb and a essential title.

Tension to the end, pun intended, and a very good chemistry from Pitt and Freeman.

5. Matrix

Now that he comes back with Matrix 4: Resurrections, the original and unique Matrix it’s on HBO Max to watch for free and hits 8.6 on Imdb. It should have more note, really.

It’s funny how well it has aged, because even that technology already retro adds charm. A landmark of cinema with a score of 8.6 on Imdb and better not to mention the Matrix sequels.

4. Forrest Gump

Robert Zemeckis scored an unforgettable movie on Forrest Gump and that is worth a very high note with an 8.7 on IMDb thanks to the most endearing and clever fool in the history of cinema.

One of those that you never tire of seeing over and over and over again.

3. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

With an 8.9, bordering on the outstanding, appears a third of The Lord of the rings. It swept the Oscars and went down in history by closing a perfect trilogy.

In fact, the trilogy is complete and it is an ideal time to revisit it in its entirety, why not? It has more soul than 99% of the movies I’ve seen in the last year. And I go every week, at least once.

2. The Dark Knight

The second installment in Nolan’s Batman trilogy, yes, Nolan again, but he deserves it. Light years away from the other two installments, the best superhero movie it reaches A’s on IMDB with a 9.0 and it’s also available for free on HBO Max.

And yes, Heath Ledger is huge and he puts the film on his back. If you haven’t seen it at least a couple of times, it’s time to revisit it.

1. Life imprisonment

The top rated movie on IMDb (ahead even of The Godfather or Citizen Kane) is on HBO Max and is a Frank Darabont classic, based on a Stephen King story that has nothing to do with horror.

The unforgettable story of the inmates of a prison in this masterpiece that reaches a note of 9.2. Deserved.

As you can see, there is everything for everyone, but above all, there is a lot of good. True classics that are worth seeing in the comfort of the living room and without paying admission.

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