the 10 CRAZY offers not to be missed this Wednesday evening 🔥

For this first day of the winter sales, the merchants are at the rendezvous. We have selected the best offers for you for this Wednesday evening. Please note, the first breaks have already taken place in the last few hours.

The sales at Amazon, Cdiscount and others have been in full swing since this morning. For four weeks, traders empty their stocks with discounts galore. However, you have to know how to sort it out to find only the best deals. Below, we’ve made a list of what to remember this Wednesday night.

We’re not going to lie to you: there have already been the first stock-outs since the start of the winter sales this Wednesday morning. The public is there and they take advantage of this period to save money. No need to wait for successive markdowns to reduce your purchasing budget. From the first hours, most cyber-merchants unveiled an archi majority of offers.

Some products are not marked on sale but still show discounts. Why ? Legally, for a product to be on sale, it must meet very specific conditions. For example, it must be more than a month in the warehouses to be able to have the name of sales. Obviously, the most prestigious brands and popular references never stay there for so long.

How to find the offers during the sales?

Because the winter sales are always eagerly awaited by the French public, many merchants offer flash sales during this period. They target branded and popular products and that is why they are not branded on sale. That said, it’s still a way to save money on high-end and prestigious products.

In recent years, sales have lost popularity precisely because of their basic concept. The government allows merchants to sell at a loss during this event to empty their warehouses. These are therefore references that are struggling to sell that are sold off over the entire period. However, the general public is looking for popular products, so it is not necessarily on sale that we will find them.

How to optimize your winter sales when there are thousands of offers all over the internet? The easiest way is to go to the major platforms: Amazon, Fnac, Cdiscount or even La Redoute are all safe values ​​that will allow you to access most of the discounts. There is also the possibility of going to more specialized sites such as the Emma, ​​Samsung or Xiaomi brand. Everyone goes there with their own offers.

To make your research easier, we’ve put together a list above that references the best current deals. This allows you to have the best deals on popular high-tech products. Obviously, the winter sales are not limited to just this theme. That said, we have chosen to focus on this one to give you only the best on this theme.

By going to a site like Amazon for these winter sales, you are going to see all the categories at reduced prices. This ranges from computers to DIY, decoration or even beauty. Anyone can come and save money. It just takes a little patience to look for the deals through each of these sites. We shouldn’t expect to see new discounts arriving in the days to come: everything is available.

To see the sales on Amazon, it’s here:

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Cdiscount, great craftsman with Amazon

If Amazon is the number one e-merchant in France, Cdiscount is following it closely. The latter is French and he specializes in sales. Amazon has optimized its warehouses and it is for this reason that it has very few products eligible for the concept of sales. That said, it does come with some great deals that last for 48 hours. This Wednesday evening, there are still great business to seize.

On the side of Cdiscount, we are very pleasantly surprised with big brands at reduced prices for these winter sales. For example, there is the Dyson V7 Motorhead vacuum which drops to just 274 euros with the code 25DES299. To continue on the high-end products, there are two LG TVs which see their prices plummet. It is a 48 inch C1 model or the excellent 75 ″ NanoCell TV (ie 184 cm diagonally) which drops to 899 euros instead of 1299 euros.

Whichever merchant you choose, you have a second chance if the product you purchased isn’t right for you. For winter sales and during the rest of the year, it is possible to return purchases within 14 days of receipt. On the Amazon site, it goes even further since you have 30 days to make your orders.

Finally, we just remember that the winter sales are placed at a strategic time during the year. They are just after the Christmas holidays and they are free. The next reduction period will be next June for the summer sales. The latter are much less popular because the merchants put in much less effort. The volumes are very low and they mainly concern fashion. High-tech is therefore hardly present. The same goes for household appliances.

This Wednesday evening, there are already many breakups and there are flash sales that are going to end. For these 2022 balances, we invite you to hurry up to enter the business still in progress. There is no point in waiting for markdowns, it will not really save you extra money. By then, all the products will be gone forever.

To discover Amazon offers, it’s here:

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