The 10 reasons why O’clock school is the best training for future developers

Web developer is a profession very popular with recruiters and which offers excellent opportunities in terms of post-training possibilities and remuneration. France is still experiencing a shortage of developers and it is absolutely not too late to learn to code today. O’clock stands out today as the most effective method to achieve this.

O’clock offers intensive training with telepresential courses whose aim is to teach the profession of developer and provide skills to be directly employable at the end of the course. Whether you are a high school student who is passing the baccalaureate, a student who wishes to reorient himself or an active person in search of professional retraining, there is no shortage of reasons to choose O’clock.

Because the satisfaction rate is there to prove the quality of the school

Founded in 2016, the school has already trained more than 3,500 students since its inception. The success is quick and the students come out delighted: O’clock obtains an average score of 4.8/5 on the Trustpilot site with 90% excellent reviews.

It achieves this thanks to its competent teams made up of real professional web developers, both on the teaching and administrative side. The school’s philosophy is to put people first, with personalized follow-up and constant exchanges between teachers and students.

“To achieve this, you can count on the entire O’clock school team who are always there to help you”, testifies a student on Trustpilot. Another student mentions “passionate and exciting teachers”while we can also read that the school enjoys a “Excellent supervision in a cordial and benevolent atmosphere”.

o'clock developer training

Because telepresence is daily follow-up without the constraints

O’clock differs from other MOOC or self-taught type training by a method that has proven itself over the years. At the heart of this method, we find the principle of telepresential lessons. This format is particularly well suited to today’s world: students don’t need to travel, they just need a computer, an internet connection and time to learn.

But that doesn’t mean they are on their own. From the learning interface, the courses are led live by the trainers. A slideshow presentation and a code window are displayed in order to follow the explanations more efficiently. In addition, a discussion thread is accessible to the whole class to ask questions and discuss.

Teachers also have the ability to access the student work screen to help them with their projects. Communication always remains fluid, with the possibility of speaking with a teacher in writing or in voice, on a public or private discussion. It’s like a classroom, with the comfort of home and no time wasted commuting to class.

o'clock developer training

Because pedagogy is there

Theory quickly gives way to practice. Quizzes allow you to quickly remember the concepts that have just been studied, then you move on to increasingly difficult exercises and challenges. These activities also take up the know-how acquired during the previous days in order to consolidate what has been learned and to be part of a logic of progression.

Students have educational sheets available as well as a Replay mode that allows them to watch the lessons given live, which are recorded, in order to come back to a point that may be problematic. In addition, the trainers are always available to answer questions or to help students overcome a difficulty.

o'clock developer training

Because trainers are experts in their field

O’clock relies on trainers-developers who have years of practice behind them. Not only are they experts in their field, but they also master the demands of the professional world that awaits students. They all have experience as a developer, lead developer, CTO in post or as a freelancer and are fully aware of the reality of the job market. This is why they are involved in the design of the programs so that the pedagogy is as effective as possible.

Because there are courses for all tastes

The 6-month web developer training is the flagship proposal of the O’clock school, but the platform also offers other possibilities. The basic web development training allows you to learn the basics in just 3 months, for example. Still in web development, but with a focus on the issue of accessibility, the school provides an 11-month training course. Another specialized course on Full Stack JavaScript development is also available.

The school also relies on shorter courses that focus on more specific points of web development. There are ReactJS, WordPress, Symfony, data and API training… Everyone can find the training that suits them.

oclock training catalog

Because there are many financing possibilities

There are many choices depending on your situation. The famous Personal Training Account (CPF) can be used to finance its courses. Requests can also be sent to individual training assistance (AIF) for job seekers and to Agefiph for people with disabilities. 75% of O’clock School students receive partial or full financial aid to pay for their tuition fees. And for those who are lost in the range of possibilities offered, O’clock helps you find the financing to which you are entitled.

Because it is possible to choose alternation

O’clock even has a work-study program for 16 months, which allows you to become a seasoned designer-developer and to benefit from your first professional experience in a company. This formula has largely proven itself and appeals to both companies and students. Thanks to O’clock you arrive in business with already solid notions of development which will be consolidated according to the expectations of the company. An ideal springboard for accessing a job offer.

o'clock developer work-study training
Yann chose the work-study program with a digital services company located in Blagnac, north of Toulouse.

Because in the end you get a recognized diploma

Delivering a recognized diploma at the end of training was a major challenge for O’clock, if only to open all the doors to funding and reassure future graduates in the face of future recruiters. Thus at the end of the 6 months of training, 92% of the participants obtain a professional diploma of Web Developer and Mobile Web of level 5 registered in the RNCP (National Directory of the professional certification) which corresponds to an equivalent bac +2.

Because it does not stop at the end of the training

The school also aims to support its students in their job search. It helps them to create an attractive CV, prepares them for interviews, and can even put them in direct contact with companies thanks to the network that O’clock has built up through its coaching of professional developers, but also its former students. now established in the environment.

70% of learners leaving the training manage to quickly obtain a job in the digital sector or access higher education, confirming that the school opens up interesting outlets upon leaving.

Because you are joining your first community of developers

All the students who take part in O’clock school training testify to the mutual support and the excellent atmosphere that reigns in the classes. The educational method based on exchange allows you to build your first professional network. Of course, the school won’t let you down when you leave, but all your training partners will be just as much support and professional opportunities for the future.

This article was written in partnership with O’clock.

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