The 11 Best HBO Max Shows According to Rotten Tomatoes

It is one of the most brainless animated series that exist and therefore, it could not be anywhere other than the HBO Max service. His audience appreciates him well, so he has not hesitated to give the couple one of the best scores on Rotten Tomatoes (RT from now on). Grandfather and grandson weirdest thing in the universe. Currently the production of Adult Swim is in its sixth season.

Tomat meter: 99% | Audience: 90%


This series, created by Sam Levinson, is the clear example of what you will never find on Netflix. A proposal with young protagonists (led by Zendaya) where the production, the music, the fantastic cast and the lack of shame it has to deal with sex, drugs, prostitution and many other issues that can occur in an American institute stand out.

Tomatometer: 88% | Audience: 84%


It is curious because many followers have ended up getting off the car because of how much they are stretching the gum of this sci fi series whose start so impressed us all. Even so, it maintains a fairly loyal audience, enough to remain at the top of the best valued series on the platform.

Tomat meter: 80% | Audience: 72%


Many raised their eyebrows when they found out that this DC character would have his own series as a spin-off and hey, here it is, among the most top of the top. Created by James Gunn, it has John Cena repeating the role of Christopher Smith / Peacemaker and has already confirmed that it will have a second season given its success.

Tomatometer: 94% | Audience: 89%


It does not stop winning prizes – and few seem to the writer of these lines. The masterful tv series, created by Jesse Armstrong, introduces us to a very powerful family from the USA and the power struggles that exist between them to keep the entire empire. A masterful third season has come to an end and now we all await the arrival of the fourth like water in May – who knows if it will be the last.

Tomatometer: 94% | Audience: 86%


Few of us imagined that a series based on batman’s butler It could give so much of itself but here it is, among the most popular of HBO Max and with 3 seasons already behind it. Good setting, a well-mounted script and a convincing protagonist in the role of Alfred Pennyworth are the keys to this DC series.

Tomatometer: 88% | Audience: 84%

The White Lotus

Lately it is on everyone’s lips thanks to the prizes collected in the Emmy. This dramatic comedy series transports us to a vacation hotel where we will meet several of its guests and how their stories begin to intertwine.

Tomatometer: 91% | Audience: 65%

the house of the dragon

There were many who did not give a penny for this spinoff and seen what was seen, you could not be more wrong. The first season of House of the Dragon has been a smash hit and has shown that the bar set by game of Thrones could be reached (and even surpassed).

Tomatometer: 86% | Audience: 84%

Game of Thrones

is possibly HBO’s star series, the one that launched the platform to stardom around the world and the one that best presents the content service. The fiction ended with controversy (there were not many who celebrated the end that the producers decided for the story) and that has possibly lowered its points, but even so, Westeros is still very much alive in the ranking.

Tomatometer: 89% | Audience: 85%

The Sopranos

What to say at this point one of the most important cult series of television history. If today you have not seen this mythical proposal, know that it is available in its entirety (there are 6 seasons, although the sixth is divided into two parts) on HBO, also enjoying one of the best scores (as expected ) by critics and audience.

Tomatometer: 92% | Audience: 96%

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