The 2021 Apple Watch SE is cheaper than ever

Good news for those who are still pining for a Apple Watch. The 2021 SE model is currently 13% off, so you can get Apple’s smartwatch at the best price ever on Amazon for a brand new model.

Is the Apple Watch SE worth it?

Apple Watch Series 6 vs SE

The cheapest Apple watch has many key features, but if there is one that differentiates it from many options on the market, it is that its body is made of aluminum, which allows it to achieve enough resistance to shocks and daily use that we can give it. .

Its screen is as large as that of the Apple Watch Series 6, being the same Retina OLED that offers such good performance outdoors and in all kinds of conditions. Just for the aesthetic finish, quality of the materials and quality of the screen, it’s already worth getting a device like this.

What you can do with this smart watch

  • At the price level, it is almost at the same level as the Apple Watch Series 3, but you should keep in mind that the screen of this model is 30% larger.
  • You will have a fall detection warning system thanks to its sensors and its altimeter in always-on mode.
  • Receive heart rate notifications when high or low values ​​are reached, and even when an irregular rhythm is detected.
  • Record all the training you do, being able to monitor races, yoga sessions, dance, bike rides and many more exercises.
  • Receive and make calls from the watch (as long as you are connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth)

The best price you can find

Apple Watch Series 6 vs SE

With this offer, the 2021 Apple Watch SE is placed with the best price in Amazon’s history, so we see it as a great opportunity to get a smart watch from the Apple catalog. Obviously there are cheaper options, but if you have an iPhone, the options basically only go through those that include the apple logo.

Taking into account that the most advanced models increase significantly in price, this is currently the best option to get an Apple smart watch at the best possible price.

Our offers have been personally selected by the editorial team of El Output. In no case have we been given briefcases full of bills to place this type of promotion. The only thing we receive is a small compensation for each purchase you make following our wise advice. This is how we managed to obtain financial compensation after giving away these succulent offers to our readers.

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