The 2022 Apple Watch could have up to three different sizes

The first Apple Watch Series 7 that have been reserved last Friday have not yet reached their owners and rumors already tell us about a Series 8 that will arrive in 2022 and that it is likely to incorporate a third box size. In total we would have three sizes to choose from. The current measurements are 41 and 45 mm but we could see a new watch with a larger size. At the moment it is only a very slight rumor, but who knows how it will behave as the days go by.

Even without being able to see first-hand the Apple Watch Series 7 that have been launched in two new sizes (not very different from those already on the market), 41 and 45 mm, rumors already indicate that it is more than likely that the future Apple Watch launches in 2022, that is, the Series 8 bring a new size. Nothing is said if it is more or less large. The analyst Ross Young, who has a fairly high hit rate, affirms through his account of the social network Twitter, that next year we will see a third unspecified size.

Maybe even that new size has to do with the new sensors that rumors also say can be seen in that future Apple watch. According to Kuo, this new Apple Watch is easy to bring sensors capable of measuring body temperature. That sensor may need a larger screen sizeRo is simply that Apple is aiming to make larger watches with a larger screen that is capable of providing the user with much more information than we see right now.

Be that as it may and whenever we talk about rumors, we will leave doubts as time goes by and for this to be fulfilled, there is still a lot left and we will be aware of how it is evolving.

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