The 2022 iMac screen might not be what we expected

With 2021 about to close and in view of the fact that Apple has already presented its two new MacBook Pros, it seems unlikely that they will present the long-awaited large iMacto complement the 24-inch model launched in April. However, there is certain information that already speaks about how that expected Apple computer will be, although some of the last ones have left us a bittersweet taste.

ProMotion, miniLED and… only 27 inches?

Currently the model that is marketed is in the catalog since August 2020 and has Intel processors, in addition to the “old” design. And for several months now, they have been talking about its renovation, taking the 24-inch iMac as a reference when it comes to deducing its new design, although probably with fewer frames and a possible sparser range of colors and with colder and more classic colors. like silver and space gray.

Inside a powerful Apple Silicon that is unknown if it will be one of the already known (M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max) or if it will bet on another version. Returning to the design issue, your screen would incorporate miniLED technology and even 120 Hz refresh rate which Apple calls ProMotion technology and that they already have both the iPad Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro and MacBook Pro. All the ‘Pro’, well, so it would not be strange that this model is called iMac Pro.

Now, the screen was expected to grow diagonally up to 32 inches approximately like the ones that the Pro Display XDR already has (Apple’s screen that is sold for Mac Pro). This increase would not be unreasonable in view of the reduction of frames on the front, but this week information emerged in which predicted it would stay the same at 27 inches. This information was released by MacRumors based on a statement from the CEO of Display Supply Chain, Ross Young.

Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR

And although it is obviously a possibility that the screen does not increase, something that would not be a drama considering its quality, many of us analysts question this type of information. It is likely that the data provided by Young are inaccurate in this regard or that they are all directly wrong, so their statements should not be taken too much into account. Of course, aspects such as those detailed in terms of technology, has not been the first to see it, since sources close to Apple’s supply chain had already reported it previously.

Regardless of how it is, when will it be released?

Well, as we have already been saying, there are many doubts and few certainties with the leaks that have occurred so far. Nothing can be confirmed until Apple itself announces it and everything indicates that it could be in the first half of 2022. There is talk that it could even be the first quarter, but in view of the delays that plague the industry due to the shortage of components, we can intuit that it may go to April at least.

What is clear is that next year it will not happen. It’s rare that the company hasn’t revamped its 27-inch iMac this year, but they’ve probably wanted to wait to further develop their own chips and make sure they have spare components to supply demand. That is why, although some hoped we had even seen it this week, many of us were more reluctant to imagine it. In any case, we will continue to be attentive to new information that may arise in this regard.

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