The 2022 Mac Pro will still have an Intel processor

Mac Pro

The latest news related to the long-awaited renewal of the Mac Pro suggests that Apple will continue to trust Intel with the Xeon W-3300 processor while still working on a proprietary processor that can stand up to performance.

This news comes from a recognized leaker called YuuKi_AnS, information that only confirms other leaks, and that they go against Apple’s promise to transition all Macs.

WCCFtech also pointed in this direction a weeks ago. At the moment it is unknown if Apple will launch only a Mac Pro managed by the Intel Xeon W-3300 or will also launch a model managed by an M series processor to cover the maximum number of professionals.

The processor that will implement the next Mac Pro range is known as Jade or M1X, a processor that it would have up to 40 cores and include a dedicated graphics. The box of the Mac Pro model managed by the M1X processor, would be half the size of the current version.

Apple may intend to serve customers who rely on legacy hardware and components with an Intel-based Mac Pro, since otherwise it would turn against the community that trusts the most in its most professional teams. This rumored model would be compatible with the modular components and external GPUs that professionals need and currently

What seems to be clear is that for this year it is more than likely that let’s not expect a renewal of the Mac Pro range. The rumors are also likely wrong. In September we will leave doubts.

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