The 2022 MacBook Air will also add a notch design

And it is that a few hours ago we shared a publication in which supposedly the MacBook Pro will add the controversial notch, another news appears that we also see directly from the MacRumors website in which they talk about a MacBook Air for 2022 with this notch at the top of the screen.

The rumors about next year’s teams cannot be mixed with what we may see today at the Apple event.. For this reason, it must be said that this year we do not believe that there will be changes in the design of the Mac beyond the improvements in the screen that we saw in the MacBook Pro presented a few months ago with the M1. The interior of these will be improved with the new processors but for external aesthetic changes and this possible notch will have to wait until 2022.

No bezels on next year’s MacBook display

It is possible that Apple will be able to eliminate the frames on the screens of its computers to the maximum for next year, but we think it would be better not to place a notch as such on the screen and make a more linear design to the current models. A somewhat thinner frame but that occupies the entire screen is for many users better than leaving the equipment with fewer frames but with a notch at the top central to locate cameras and other sensors.

Be that as it may the same Ty98 filter, who talks about the MacBook Pro explains that the next-generation ‌MacBook Air‌ will include this notch at the top. He also says that the new team will have a more rounded design and a much thinner profile than this Mac currently is. The screen of these Air could already mount the 13-inch mini-LED screen and have several colors available. We will see what happens with these rumors but it is too early to draw a final conclusion.

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