The 2024 iPad Pros point to a huge price hike

The iPad Pro is undoubtedly the top of the range in the tablet market. We have already spoken on more than one occasion that, after some promising beginnings in said market, we quickly saw how the high-end segment began to decline, to the point that for some years there was practically no alternative, on the Android side, to the benefits (and also to the prices, of course) of those of Cupertino. Fortunately, this situation has been changing, and it is now possible to find high-end tablets equipped with Android, making the offer more varied, something that benefits consumers.

Thus, we can understand that the launch of the iPad Pro was a response from Apple precisely to this movement on the part of a handful of manufacturers who chose to raise the level in the Android ecosystem, added to the fact that the company adopted, quite some time ago, a position prone to what has been called the post- PC, where the computer actually still exists, but where a plethora of device types have robbed it of much of the functionality that was its exclusive a little over a decade ago.

Thus, and with regard to Apple, we are currently at a point where, by technical specifications (and again, also in price), their tablets compete with their laptops. We saw it, for example, with the announcement of the iPad Pro 2022, last October, a generation in which the top-of-the-range model, that is, the most equipped version of the 12.9-inch with Apple M2 SoC, screen Mini-LED, 16 gigabytes of memory and two terabytes of storage, climbed to 3,024 euros. The cheapest of the generation, the iPad Pro 11 WiFi, with 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage, stood at 1,049 euros.

The 2024 iPad Pros point to a huge price hike

If those prices seemed high to you, then you better not make plans to buy one of the future 2024 models. Why? Because a report published by The Elec suggests that the starting price of the 2024 iPad Pro could take a huge leap. In this publication, prices are discussed in dollars for the US market, so in the following table you can see the prices of the cheapest models of both sizes, along with the estimated prices for next year’s generation:

2022 2024 Increase
iPad Pro 11 $799 $1,500 87.73%
iPad Pro 12.9 $1,099 $1,800 63.79%

As you can see, we are talking about an increase that ise close to doubling the price in the case of the 11-inch iPad Pro, and add about two-thirds of the current price in the 12.9-inch model. This, without a doubt, squares with some recent statements by Tim Cook in an Apple results presentation, in which he stated that he thought that the price is not an issue for potential Apple customers and that, consequently, they still have margin. to increase prices, as long as it is offering something that compensates for said increases.

The rise, in this case, would be due to the use of new OLED panels, which LG is already working onand that combine a higher image quality, with deeper blacks and improved color accuracy, with a fairly low consumption, which would translate into an improvement in the autonomy of these iPad Pro, two improvements that coincide, without a doubt, with the company’s ideology.

We must bear in mind, however, that these calculations have been made at a time when the technology of these OLED panels tIt is still in an early stage of its development, so it makes sense to expect that there may be drops in its price that, finally, will make the iPad Pro of 2024 not take such a monstrous leap. However, what does seem clear, at least at this point, is that we are not going to save ourselves from a new price increase.

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