The 27-inch iMac Pro could launch next spring

iMac Pro modular

The 27-inch iMac it is along with the Mac Pro the only two Macs left “alive” in the Apple Store that mount Intel processors. And how can it be otherwise, their days are numbered. And the next to fall is going to be the iMac.

According to the latest rumor, Apple plans to launch the new 27-inch iMac Pro, obviously with an M1 processor to choose from, which will retire the current iMac of the same size, but with Intel technology. Thus “almost” the circle of Apple Silicon will have closed, leaving the Mac Pro as the last bastion of Intel in Apple.

A new report from Display Supply Chain Consultants It explains with hair and signs which will be the next Mac to appear on the market. And according to them, it will be a 27-inch iMac Pro that we can see in the Apple Store next spring.

This report says that Apple will launch a 27-inch iMac Pro with miniLED display and ProMotion technology during spring 2022, in conjunction with the (finally) launch of macOS Monterey’s Universal Control feature.

If, at the end, said iMac Pro model has a miniLED screen, it will be the third device of the company to use this type of panel, after the new one. iPad Pro M1 and the new Macbook pro M1 Pro and M1 Max.

In the same article, reference is also made to the low production expected of Apple’s AR glasses, and of the company’s next folding devices, still very green projects that will not appear surely until 2024.

What is quite clear is that in a few months we will have a new 27-inch iMac (we’ll see if Pro or not Pro) with an M1 chip to replace the current one. It really has become obsolete compared to the entire range of Macs Apple Silicon.

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