The 3 artificial intelligences of Meta that will reach your metaverse

It was only a few months ago that Mark Zuckerberg told us about his concept of the metaverse and his own Goal. How could it be otherwise here we want to integrate the most modern technologies, some of them related to artificial intelligence, as we are going to show you.

It must be borne in mind that at this time the signing of Zuckerberg is working on several AI related concepts. Specifically, we mean that the parent company of Facebook is currently focusing its research on AI technology, something that we will start to see in the next year. With all this what they do is work on the development of their concept of the metaverse. In fact, in a recent statement, the technology giant states that the metaverse is the most ambitious project they have embarked on in the long term.

All this set will require great advances in almost all the technologies with which they work, including advances in AI. Mark Zuckerberg himself revealed at the end of the year that the company was focusing on developing a virtual and augmented reality universe. He has now just announced some of the ambitious AIs they are working on. In fact, he says that as he builds out the metaverse, AI will need to do some of the heavy lifting. All this will be carried out with self-supervised learning and it will be possible to interpret and predict the type of interactions that will take place in virtual 3D spaces with many participants.

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It must be said that at this time Meta has been investing in AI research for some time. Moreover, they have been working for years on a supercomputer that could be the largest and fastest in the world.

Artificial Intelligences for the Meta Metaverse

Once we know all this, then we are going to talk about some of the main research projects about AI that Meta has already announced for its metaverse. It goes without saying that all of this will be implemented and will grow exponentially over the coming months. It is a long-term project in which in fact they have been working for several years.

  • Universal translator: The tech giant says most users can’t access the internet information in their mother tongue due to the barriers of automatic translation systems. These systems have difficulty translating rare languages ​​due to lack of training data. To fix this problem, Meta is working on two projects. First, No Language Left Behind, is an AI model that learns languages ​​with fewer examples to train. The second is a universal translator to translate speech from one language to another in real time.
  • AI to learn like humans and animals: AI learning issues have also been highlighted. So, to improve this learning capacity, you want to imitate the way animals and humans learn. All this would be based on observation and interactions, for which artificial intelligence would play a key role.
  • conversational artificial intelligence: Meta seeks to create better AI assistants that can be more conversational and natural with users. To do this, they have developed a neural model that can drive more personal and contextual conversations thanks to artificial intelligence. At the moment the project is in the testing phase, although they already have a video call concept device in Meta.

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