The 3 infallible tricks to avoid draining your iPhone’s battery

There are times that, even having the iPhone with the largest battery on the market, we are forced to resort to certain techniques with which to extend the life of the device when we do not have a plug nearby to charge it. We have already told you on occasion how you can save battery on an iPhone, but in this post we review which three methods of all that exist are the most effective.

Three tips with which to extend autonomy

The first of our tips is that manually adjust the brightness and try to optimize it in the best way, being able to put it lower than the system automatically puts it. Although, yes, with common sense prioritizing as long as you can see the content without having to strain your eyes excessively. You can disable automatic brightness in Settings> Accessibility> Display and text size.

Turn off localization It is the second advice we give you and that is that having this function active can be very useful depending on what actions, but it also requires greater battery consumption. If you do not want to deactivate it completely and continue giving access to some apps, see the GPS ones, you can have them activated in Settings> Privacy> Location. But prioritize that they are only the essentials.

iphone location

The third piece of advice in this regard is that disable background updates from Settings> General> Background update. In that section choose which apps you want to be updating their content when you are not using them and try to choose only those essential so that they are not consuming excessive battery, since individually this consumption is not very high, but as a whole it can be a major peak.

mobile data background updates

Bonus for emergencies

As a bonus tip, and this just for cases of emergency in which you need to save battery urgently, it is advisable that you put the airplane mode. And yes, turning off the device is in the end more effective, but putting it in airplane mode you deactivate the functions that consume the most (WiFi, mobile data and Bluetooth) and it only takes a second to reactivate them if you need to, while turning on the iPhone you it would take more time and an extra consumption peak by having to restart all processes at once.

And what happens if your drums are already very ‘cascaded’?

If the deterioration that your iPhone battery has suffered has reached a point of no return, unfortunately you can improve it little by many tips that we give you. The most advisable thing is always change battery, although always for one that is original. And we emphasize the latter because we believe that it is of vital importance.

While there are some batteries that could even dleave the phone unusablewhen detecting that it is not original, others could be of poor quality and in the short term you would notice again a terrible autonomy. Changing the battery of an iPhone at Apple may seem expensive and more compared to those other options, but in the long run it ends up paying off. Also going to an authorized technical service (SAT) is an option, finding identical guarantees and sometimes better prices.

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